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    fish ya pushin my buttons boy......

    I been behavin myself regarding woodbadge.......


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      Basement - I just signed up for our councils Wood Badge course coming up in the fall. Go ahead and spill it, what do you think of it?


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        cough cough, sputter,

        Anyone Anyone??????



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          Basement - I know I am new here but you do not strike me as one to resist expressing your opinion. Give in, you will feel better.


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            Yeah, we are all interested to see Mt Vesuvias erupt again...


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              SP....your just to funny.

              Naw this is fishes thread...

              Just go into the woodbadge leader training second and browse it....or use the search function for woodbadge.(This message has been edited by Basementdweller)


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                " Naw this is fishes thread... "

                Now , I hope you don't mean to imply that I am so special that - this thread doesn't get it's fair chance to be completely and totally hijacked from the original thread - like others do.?


                Basement lives in a special bizzaro council where scouts are not allowed to do anything except raise and hand money to the DE and his back of the office poker room full of good ole boy bussies buddies.

                What he has described time after time after time is quite possibly the sorriest bunch of excuses for scouters.


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                  Scoutfish, I can't resist chasing a rabbit in your thread, apologies in advance!

                  Each time Basement describes his council, I have a flashback to a certain council I was in as an ASM and SM over two decades ago. I think his council trumps my old one on the bizzare scale, but there are a bunch of similiarities, particularly the thinnly veiled contempt towards unit level scouters (and all things unit related, except for shake-downs during fundraising), little programming or training, and a stuff shirt Good Olde Boy network (council/district/WB) that I haven't seen the likes of since, thank goodness (served in three councils thereafter).

                  If this kind of stuff doesn't happen in your area, count your blessings...and to the scouters that persevere in dysfunctional/toxic councils for the sake of the scouts , thanks for your grit, and for hanging in there.

                  PS Scoutfish, best wishes during your WB course, hope it is everything you want it to be.(This message has been edited by desertrat77)


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                    Thanks guys. Any lingering doubt that I had, any wisp of the thought that I needed to do dead. That thing about the numbers? Awesome!


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                      Pack welcome to the dark side of non believers......