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Why is Wood Badge calling the Prisoners Dilemma the Game of Life?

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    Your analogy is flawed.

    What did you do mr. B? I fulfilled my responsibility to those I serve and the reward for me is the improvement in the program for you guys.

    The nonsense that has gone on has nothing to do with me or completing my ticket. I did exactly what I should have, Created the ticket, documented the process of completing each item and calling the assigned person or persons after completion to get my carrot.

    The failure is that of the Wood Badge staff

    No one in my home unit knows this is going on besides the SM.


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      And when the scout says what did you do? You answer, oh, I gave up, it wasnt worth it

      Sometimes it isn't worth it. A good lesson to learn is that you don't have to fight every battle someone else tries to foist on you. Your time and energy is precious, and you should use it on things you value.

      Beads? Like BD said, he and the unit he serves has already benefited as much as possible. Beads aren't going to add or detract from it. If they don't matter to him, why should he continue to invest energy in resolving the problem?

      Besides, seems like he has a pretty good plan. The CD will probably at some point want to find out why he didn't finish his ticket. Then he can say "well..."


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        I had trouble like, but not as bad as, BasementDweller's. It was the CD who came through for me. He's a great guy. I still see him often. So, the idea of wondering if the CD will come through, is probably a valid one.

        I don't seek glory in my troop, but my Scouts are genuinely proud of my accomplishments, as I am in theirs. They knew I went to Wood Badge, and that I had goals. They checked on my progress from time to time. It was special to me, because I take an interest in them, and it was touching and fun to have them take an interest in me. I saw it as a sign of maturation; Scouts sometimes don't see much beyond the end of their nose, and we're trying to get them to see beyond.


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          C1-296-12-1: I'm AQM (cook.) Also teaching the Project Planning module. At our Staff Orientation meeting Yesterday, I spoke briefly to the Troop Guides and said "no scope creep on goal sheets. Please don't sign them until they have everything you want on them." "Don't come back and require stuff that is not on the signed goal sheet." They more-or-less agreed.


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            Just curiosity ...
            What does "no scope creep" mean? "Goal sheets" have something to do with tickets?
            Why is an AQM directing TGs?
            Not understanding the posting (or why it's in this thread). Help me out. Thanks.


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              1. One does five or more "goals" to complete one's ticket. They are often submitted on worksheets (sheets)to a ticket counselor for a signature, indicating approval. I'm not sure; How else it would be done?
              2. Scope creep is a term meaning, in this case, a situation in which a person thinks they did everything that was agreed to, as noted on the sheet, and is told that they need to do even more. I would like to see situations like that be avoided.
              3. On a Wood Badge staff, we're all accountable to each other in the effort to put on a top notch course that will be a good experience for the participants and will stretch them, but not crush them. I didn't "Direct" them, I suggested.


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                Thanks Jay. I was a bit confused, and mostly by the expression of the scope creep on goal sheets thing. Not part of my vocabulary. I had no idea what that meant. I'm OK now.


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                    "Scope creep": (slang)N.Phr. A person who uses mouthwash for many other purposes, ie: fire starting, dish disenfectant, foot cleansing, tire sidewall scrub, etc.


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                      SSScout, nicely done.....

                      Between your definition here, and the comment in the flag thread about the little flag in the Mexican restaurant, you are on a roll!


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                        Heading out for weekend 1 tomorrow. Get this: plan "B" is for ME to be the "host" for...The Game of Life!


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                          Heading out for weekend 1 tomorrow. Get this: plan "B" is for ME to be the "host" for...The Game of Life!


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                            As a WBer I found the training to be great review of man of the topics covered while earning my degrees and corperate trainings. I also felt our staff was well trainined and delivered the training exceptionally. I will be on staff this year and only hope I can be as helpful as my staff was to me.
                            WB is like many things in life. You get out what you put into it. I also realize that your expereince is greatly impacted by your staff and patrol. Again, I was lucky as our Patrol got along and noone was there acting like a "know it all".

                            As you can tell, I had a very positive WB expereince and am happy to go back.

                            Back to Gilwell Happy Land...


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                              Wood Badge was a great course to enhance management skills. I have been to many other courses like this as I work in Corporate HR in the real world. The fact is many people are not exposed to these kinds of issues and we still expect them to manage Scout units. Like it or not Scouts is pretty much run as a corporation these days and if you are going to succeed in that environment you need to know the rules. The ticket is a little hard to complete with everything else going on in life but that is part of the lesson. One has to stay on track and focused to finish it. I agree with Basement that Scouting should offer another type of course to emphasize camping skills and teaching those skills. The current Wood Badge does not do that.

                              As far as the Game of Life, there is a lesson to be learned. We are in this together and should try to win for everyone instead of for ourselves. It is true that the delivery is important, and a skilled staff helps get the message out. The staff at my course did excellent in this regard.

                              Finally, I will get my beads next Tuesday. All in all I am a better Scouter for the experience.

                              I used to be a Beaver...