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Online Physical Wellness class

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  • Online Physical Wellness class

    I tried taking the online physical wellness class and I'm stuck on the part where you're feeding the blob. No matter what food I do (or don't) give him, he either does nothing, or he gets so big that he explodes. Has this happened to anyone else?

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    Silly, your sopposed to feed a cold - starve a blob!

    LOL! Sorry , couldn't help it. Must have been a glitch. My blob lost weight and actually turned into a person again.


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      Same question...kinda stuck here. You'd think the 6 oz (smallest) meat portion, with veg and half a potato would do it...but it won't, and there's no way past it.

      Has anyone successfully taken this online class?

      Thanks! have to feed it pie to get past. smallest meat, veg, pie and I think the half potato.(This message has been edited by jrdalys)


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        Thanks, jrdalys!

        You were correct... 1 pie, 1 6oz steak or meat, 1/2 potato, and the veggie.

        I've been trying every combination, without the pie of course. How bizarre!



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          Loyal readers would know when you get stuck, Pie is always the answer


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            Pie is sublime, and is a bona fide cure all.


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              I thought this was the stupidest training yet.


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                It was pretty odd, but I have a successful pass on the course(twice).


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                  Ummmm....What are you all talking about?


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                    "Scouter.", the way the process works is you start at the FIRST post, and then read each post sequentially. At some point the answer to your question will become apparent.


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                      Nr. Robert Reese...the way it works offense

                      When you don't know something, you ask.

                      After reading the thread a second time, I still don't know...and I'm glad this post does not have 50 + posts.

                      I sincerely am interested in this post and the topic.

                      Would someone be kind enough to offer up where I might find this Online Wellness Class? (I truly don't know, have looked, and have read this post over again...I'm not perfect and quite likely missed it).


                      (ok...and I just looked a 3rd luck).


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                        Go here register with your BSA member number or login as a guest and then go to the online training resources, you'll find it there. They attempted to create a fun interactive training experience, no one told the Instructional designer it was intended for adults. Thus the talk about the morphing blob. Also if one's connection to the site experiences interrupted traffic it occasionally makes you quit and repeat the course rather than reload and continue. I've been pretty lucky but not everyone has. And there's the background.


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                          Thanks Gunny. Much appreciated.



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                            Want to say thanks for this old thread. Trying to figure out this little bit - dump the slices of break was my mistake (I KNEW that pie was good).