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    We (the Beaver patrol) were the program patrol between weekends so we had "custody" of the program patrol logs. We decided it would be really funny if we made mini versions of them using just regular thread and 2 "logs" made from a skewer pieces. I was the patrol leader so the first morning back on the second weekend, when we were to return the program patrol symbols..we hid the real ones and when I walked up to the SPL to give the symbol back, I carefully handed him the mini version and said " know if you let Beaver's alone with a log for 3 weeks...they're going to get HUNGRY!" and everyone cracked up about it!


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      We have several yells, but I think I'll share our marching song. The staff seems to like it that we sing it wherever we go. You all know the tune, and I'm sure you can guess my patrol.

      The Bears went over the mountain,
      the Bears went over the mountain,
      the Bears went over the mountain, to see what they could see.
      To see what they could see,
      to see what they could see.
      The Bears went over the moutain, so see what they could see.

      They saw another mountain,
      they saw another mountain,
      they saw another mountain, and what do you think they did?
      What do you think they did?
      What do you think they did?
      They saw another mountain, and what do you think they did?

      They climbed another mountain,
      they climbed another mountain,
      they climbed another mountain, and where do you think they were?
      Where do you think they were?
      Where do you think they were?
      They climbed another mountain, and where do you think they were?

      Wood Badge! Grrr!


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        My Squawking Boisterous BW patrol uses the Bob-bob-bob-bob a white song. Our yell is "WhooooHoooo...SQUAWK"

        The best yell is from the Beligeriant Bi-polar Bears.

        "Who are we? Da Bears!
        Are we bi-polar? Yes we are No we're not...Yes we we're not. The Bears changed their name on day three in the interest of being caring to other troop members.


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          Our Owl patrol chants this sort of "Who Let the Dogs Out?" style:

          Whoo are the Wise Owls? Whoo, Whoo, Whoo-Whoo?
          WE are the Wise Owls! Whoo, Whoo, Whoo-Whoo!

          And we hold our hands up to form "Owl glasses", circle both thumbs and index fingers around eyes with other fingers spread out owl-feather style.

          And anytime our patrol name is mentioned, we quickly respond in unison "WHO?!?"

          I am an Owl, a Wise Owl!


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            member of bear patrol c-10-08 bears top of the food chain


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              OWLS! Outstanding Wilderness Leaders! HOO HOO HOO HOO.



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                I was a WB TG this summer and they used "Da Bears" and "don't forget to feed the bears".

                Went so far as to leave a "pik-a-nic basket" at the door to the dining hall.

                When I was a participant of of WB my patrol was the Buffalos, and we had a couple.

                Buffalos come in 2 sizes, "Dig" and "Deal with it".

                The other was "a deep gutteral barking sound while we made horns with our hands".


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                  HOOT, HOOT, HOOT!
                  HOOT, HOOT, HOOOOT!

                  Sorry, but the coffee had not kicked in yet when we came up with it.


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                    The Fox petrol yell as thus: C-36-09

                    'We Are Foxes!!

                    WATCH YOUR STUFF!!!!!...'

           the top of our lungs, produced a nic weird echo in the northern Ohio woods. We'd embraced the true nature of the Fox, the king of the scavengers.

                    Another thing.....anytime the Bobwhites said ANYTHING, we'd yell in unison - 'BITESIZE!!!!'


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                      Shangani Patrol (1971), sorry, but this old coot can't remember the yell. But do recall the faux Brit accent for what ever it was...


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                        In our course (NE-I-267), there were a couple of good ones: the Buffalo patrol would yell "Tatonka!". The also had some song lyrics they would chant, but I can't quote them. The "off the wall" one that I liked was the Fox patrol, who would yell "Friends of Xylophones - yip, yip, yip, yip!" (it took us awhile to catch on, but Friends of Xylophones = FoX).

                        My patrol's yell never caught on: we'd yell...Owls. Who? Owls. Who? Owls. Who?


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                          We were the Orgulous Owls.

                          "Don't mess with us, we are the Owls!
                          Other patrols throw in the towels!"

                          Well, it rhymed anyway.

                          And any time we heard the word "owl" we'd start hooting softly, "hoot? hoot?"


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                            Owl be seeing you
                            In owl the old familiar places
                            That these beads of mine embraces
                            Owl day through...

                            In an Eagle's snack,
                            A Beaver's tail that some may lack;
                            The Bobwhite flock;
                            The Kudu's horn;
                            The Weather Rock....

                            Owl be seeing you
                            In every lovely P L C;
                            With every thing B P might say.
                            Owl always think of you that way...

                            Owl find you
                            When the Foxes run
                            And when the night is new...
                            Owl be sitting at campfire,
                            But owl be seeing you......

                            Owl be seeing you
                            In every lovely Buffaloe;
                            In every little Bear's big toe,
                            Owl always think of Webelo,

                            Owl find you
                            With the Antelopes
                            And not with the Gnu...
                            Owl be looking at the moon,
                            But owl be seeing you............

                            ((with apoligies to Sammy Fain and Irving Kahal , really))
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                              Although it's a bit hard to explain,

                              After the game show, your patrol yell became...

                              (done on our knees' in our best munchkin voices)

                              "Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow road..."



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                                FOXES ROCK!