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Venturing and Sea Scouts to be eligible for the National Outdoor Awards

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  • Venturing and Sea Scouts to be eligible for the National Outdoor Awards

    The Sep-Oct issue of the Scouting magazine announced there will be a new National Outdoors Badge for conservation as it becomes the 6th segment. It also stated that Venturing and Sea Scouts will be eligible to earn the Outdoor Badges and the National Medal for Outdoor Achievement. The new requirements are not quite ready, but will be released soon.

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    I didn't realize they weren't eligible before. But then again, <.1% of venturers seem interested in venturing medals, so I guess there was even less of a demand for the NOA from Venturers.

    It would be awesome this results in some more youth being recognized for their well-rounded outdoorsmanship..


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      Yes, I agree. The primary hurdle for Venturing has been the First Class rank requirement and Merit Badges.


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        Does this mean Boy Scouts can earn the Ranger Award now?

        Sheesh, Boy Scout leaders were complaining about having an award as outdoor oriented as Ranger, hence the NOA. Now Venturers are eligible for the NOA.

        My question is this who wanted Venturers to get the NOA, adults or the youth?


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          The comment 'don't shoot the messenger' comes to mind. I have no idea what drove this change, or who decided. I only know what was announced. As for the Venturing awards, there has been no announcement of any changes for the Ranger award.


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            Our boy's Troop has a number of scouts working on NOA full award (which take quite awhile to earn), it will be important for their moral and goals that the changes are "layered in". I am just hoping.

            Plus I find it interesting that this came out in the magazine and there is nothing at all posted on the internet about it (that is that I can find googling around).


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              Hi All,
              I am doing a presentation at my September Roundtable about the NOA, when I saw in Scouting magazine about the changes. I needed to know more about the changes as I don't want to give a presentation that is not up to date.
              I know some blogs that I looked at mentioned that females would never be able to achieve these awards, as the consistent requirement for ALL awards is to "achieve First Class". To achieve First Class, you must be in a Boy Scout program.... So I reached out to National..and the Scouter who was quoted in the article, Keith Christopher. He wrote "I am still waiting for Venturing and Sea Scouts to make the requirements fit their programs. Your female comment is exactly why we were pushing for the criteria to change for them to allow them to earn the award. The intent was to have this all done but timing has not made it so."
              That being said, I don't know why the article was published when the requirements have not been formalized with Venturing and Sea Scouts, and the information is not on


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                #1 Welcome to the forums.

                #2 You do know that the NOA medal came about because Boy Scout leaders complained that they wanted their Scouts to earn the Venturing Ranger Award?


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                  FYI the requirements:




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                    Eagle94-A1, what about the 135 and counting merit badges?
                    Let Venturing have Ranger, Quest, and TRUST, Boy Scouts can have their 135 awards that Venturers can't earn.
                    And NOA can go along with the NOVA and Hornaday awards that are open to both.