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Age limit for Venturers gets cut...

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    I don't know. I think we can call them an adult when the military comes recruiting!

    True, we've done a better job at sheltering the middle to upper class from responsibility, but my urban poor youth are poised to start families at 18. I suspect that's true of rural poor youth. Anyway, it would be nice to know if I've got an 18-20 venturer with a record. Right now it's on him or her to fess up which doesn't always happen. I don't like those calls from the SE, but I'd manage better if I got them.

    I know it sounds like I'm on the opposite side of the female inclusion debate as you. I'm not. But, I don't think BSA should go co-ed until scouters are comfortable with young and women camping independently together. Right now that's a vision that most of our membership fears. Until it's one they feel they should embrace, any change will have nominal traction.

    Also, this is not a requirement, but our girls would certainly benefit from more female SE's as role models. (Hey, how 'bout Condi Rice as CSE after Bob's done his thing?)
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      I don't think we're on opposite sides of this discussion, and you're not saying anything I disagree with, or don't already know. Everything starts with vision, which you have to communicate to become a shared vision, which becomes a plan, that the team executes together. Some visions take lots of communication, and time, to become shared, and grow into a plan. I hope I'm planting seeds that will take root, and in time mature.

      As far as age, clearly you have at some point been a student of sociology. Your correct that certain factors play a large role in maturity, and taking on adult responsibilities. Location, social strata, vocation, and education are certainly key players. In the middle ages a man of thirteen was considered an adult.

      I know this decision is actually about the whole gay scout/leader policy issue, and choose to intentionally omit those elements form my comments, curious if this removal would produce a different conclusion.