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First Aid Core Requirement?

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  • First Aid Core Requirement?

    Hi, everyone. I'm working towards my Outdoor Bronze Award and my Ranger Award and I would like to do the First Aid elective. I was wondering if anyone knew a 25 or 45 hour course that I can complete for the second requirement. I've been looking, but I can't seem to find a course long enough. I would like to complete it online, but if not, I'd be looking for courses in eastern Mass.

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    Basic First Aid: The Red Cross,

    Boy Scout Council:

    Wilderness First Aid :

    Hard to learn CPR without a "dummy"....


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      Short of taking an EMT course (which I have been told was not what BSA was looking for), we couldn't find a course here in Southern California that would fit. After extensive research, we compromised. For my Crew, I am looking at the spirit of the requirement and accepting Wilderness First Aid. This is a 16-hour course, but the only game in town.


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        It's a pity. I was just talking to my neighbor who is trying to put together a wilderness first aid course for the second weekend in September. Probably not worth the drive if you want to complete it online!

        A good 1st Aid class requires some hands-on time, and that's the intent of the requirement.

        So, even if the Red Cross link works for you, call around to local hospitals, airports, and fire departments and ask if your crew can practice in a drill of some sort.


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          Check with community colleges and Red Cross chapters for a first responder class (typically 45 hours or so). You also can check the websites for Wilderness Medicine Institute, SOLO and Wilderness Medical Associates for a wilderness advanced first aid (typically 32 hours) or wilderness first responder course(typically 8-9 days).


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            I think the courses that were originally selected for this elective have been dropped by Red Cross. I would suggest to take Wilderness First Aid as a starting point. That will satisfy the Core requirement for Bronze as well as Siver

            Then work woth your Advisor to find some additional, appropriate training that you agree on - regardless of any certification(or not) and when you have agreement - call it good!



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              A possible answer is that since wfa requires cpr and first aide before starting the full class for FA with the complete cpr adult , child and infant with aed is 7-8 hours plus wfa is 16+ hours and can be as long as 24 hours that would fulfill the requirement. the only draw back is with some groups this can be costly.



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                First Responder, 40Hr


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                  take a look at the courses that NOLS provides...

                  Wilderness Advanced First Aid is a 40-hour course and info can be found at

                  Wilderness First Responder Course is 80-hours long and the info for that can be found at

                  good luck with your endeavors