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Sea Scouts anyone?

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  • Sea Scouts anyone?

    So, for the first time, I saw a Sea Scout in person. Keep in mind I live in NE, (where whale fishing is illegal, but that's aside the point). Meeting with him, I realised how little I know of Sea Scouting.

    What are the uniform types? I hear there are three: dress blue, summer whites, and leadership tan. Is that correct? Their website doesn't include mention of a tan uniform.

    After the BSA demands an exclusion of militaristic uniform imitations, why would they encourage Sea Scouts to shop at surplus stores instead of making their own uniforms to conform with their policy?

    Why would national merge it with Venturing and not incorporate it into modern Exploring, as they did with aviation fields?

    Do they have big plans for their 100th year in 2012?

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    Leadership tan is actually the old "working khakis" of the USN, although most but Dickies. And the khakis are for leaders and QMs. The old blue dungarees, i.e chambray shirts and jeans, are for the youth.

    As for why Sea Scout wear USN uniforms, it goes back ot the 1920s when CDR Keane USN (ret) became Sea Scout Director. BSA got approval to USN uniforms with modifications ( just like the original BSA uniforms were US Army Uniforms with modifications), and Sea Scouts continue that. At one time BSA did make the entire Sea Scout uniforms, but now limited what they sell, with most stuff coming from surplus or SHIPS STORES in CA.

    As to why it didn't go the way of Exploring, Sea Scouts is Traditional Scouting, and not career oriented like Exploring.

    As for big plans, every council, area, and regions is encouraged to do something special. The BIGGEST event is the KOCH CUP, with is a bi-annual regatta that brings Sea Scouts from all over the US, and world to race.

    WHere's sailing PJ when I need him


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      My district has a Sea Scout Ship registered. It about a 43 foot ketch or cutter (two masted) sailboat. A year ago I hiked my Cub Scout pack past their seabase and we took a tour of their 40'x60' warehouse that they use for storing stuff and off ship activities.

      Ship members also came out to our Cub Scout Daycamp each day this summer (theme: "Cub At Sea") to put on different programs each day.

      They have a great program and are an asset to the district and council.

      A couple of Seascout leaders made a pitch to Scouters at a council meeting a couple of months ago. One was a retired USN Admiral, and the other a retired USNR Admiral.

      The USNR Admiral related that he was informed that he made Admiral when he received a phone call with that news from Eagle Scout and President Gerald Ford, who told him he expected him to keep up his good work with Sea Scouts. Decades later, he still is.(This message has been edited by seattlepioneer)


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        Maybe the best thing about the adult working uniform (aka Khakis) is the fact that it is simple and clean. No CSP, No unit numbers. No knots. US Flag, Sea Scouts BSA over the pocket and insignia on the collar for the position you hold. (Name tag over the Sea Scout patch is optional, only other allowed insignia are the Seabadge trident above the name tag, and SEAL insignia above the left pocket.)

        Had mine on when I stopped by the District EBOR on Thursday and really surprised some folks in my District (I am the CC for Ship 26 in Orange City FL, which is one district north of us). We had a ship in our District, but it changed Charter Partners and ended up in a District to our south.

        Down here in Floor-a-dee, Dress Whites are the alternate uniform. Navy dress blues are just a touch "warm" for most of the year.


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          I admit I'm one of those in a "piratical costume" with the CSP on my khakis, and usually wearing the blue pants of my old ship with the white shirt. But they are 'vintage" pre-2002 uniforms

          Yes a lot of looks and a lot of questions, even from folks who should know. I wore my khakis to a council meeting once, and the SE asked about it.

          I will say this, wearing the uniform, and pointing folks to the What Did You Do This Weekend Sea Scout promotions on youtube has sparked some interest. Heck oldest said he not only wants to be a Sea Scout, he wants QM, especially since I didn't get that far


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            "WHere's sailing PJ when I need him"

            When you asked that I was leaping out of a 30 foot tower for Breeches Buoy.

            Eagle92 is right on with the uniforms. Though most ships also have a t-shirts that they use for the youth work uniform.

            Sea Scouts is the greatest, most fun program that has ever been invented.


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              RUB IT IN WHY DON'T YA

              That's ok, main reason why my last ship wouldn't get restarted is no longer around, so as Gandalf said, "There's always hope, a fool's hope." Gentle pushes and nudges are happening.


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                "What are the uniform types? I hear there are three: dress blue, summer whites, and leadership tan. Is that correct? Their website doesn't include mention of a tan uniform. "

                There are 6 uniforms: 3 for adults, 3 for youth. These are based on navy uniforms (adults wear uniforms similar to officers, youth similar to sailors). This goes back to the 1920s when Commander Thomas Keane headed Sea Scouts.

                Adult uniforms: dress blues, summer white, and summer tan.
                Youth uniforms: dress blues (blue crackerjacks), dress whites (white crackerjacks), and chambray blue work uniform

                BTW, you SHOULD be wearing a CSP and US flag on the tan uniform. We should NOT be stripping things from it, as we look too much like a naval uniform. Not a good idea.

                "Why would national merge it with Venturing and not incorporate it into modern Exploring, as they did with aviation fields?"

                Wow, talk about behind the times.

                Sea Scouts were put under Venturing when Venturing was formed after career-oriented Post were moved OUT of the BSA and over to Learning for Life. Explorers are NO LONGER part of the BSA. Sea Scouts ARE part of the BSA, so are part of Venturing.


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                  I agree, the CSP, US Flag, shoudl still be on the working uniforms,as well as the WC and Bugs onother uniforms.

                  But the national committee said no to all of that.


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                    As for the Centennial, there are a lot of events all over the country going on.




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                      emb021 - what was so out of the times with my quote? I know Exploring has its own programme, but that didn't fully explain why it was. I mean, Air Scouting could revert back to traditional Scouting, too, rather than simply a career post.

                      all - thanks for the responses.


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                        She scouts Sea Scouts by the sea shore.

                        Especially handsome ones, I suppose.


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                          Air Scouts, at least in the BSA, have been gone for a while now.

                          Well my pack has its regatta tomorrow, and the chair has asked me to wear my Sea Scout uniform. Now I got to redo some stickers since oldest stole my First Class Anchor for the sail.


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                            I know.

                            But they could come back is what I'm saying. Looking at their original 1942 handbook, they had a lot of emphasis on traditional Scouting, too. If Air Scouting returned to traditional Scouting in similar manner as Sea Scouting has done, I don't see why it couldn't thrive once more.


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                              You might want to check out my site, that gives full info on the Air Scout program.

                              The original Air Scout program (later the Air Explorer program) pretty much ended in 1965. Over that time, the program was an air force-influenced pre-flight program.

                              Frankly, it couldn't compete against CAP. And Aviation Explorers that replaced it became a more career oriented program, hence its placement as part of the over Explorer program within Learning for Life. Sorry, I don't see it comes back as a more traditional program.