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So how do you sleep

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  • So how do you sleep

    I never thought about it much......

    But how do the married adults tent on your crew outings?????

    Till quite recently our crew was all male and now we have a couple of young ladies and the female advisors which come with them.

    It just assumed I would tent with my wife who is the female crew advisor......

    what do you do

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    Separate accommodations ... that is the way.


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      I'm only nominally part of a venturing crew, but we've had married couples on scout trips plenty of times and they tent as a couple. If we were in a cabin situation where there were only two types of accommodations then clearly it would be separate by gender, but in tents I can't see any point to that.

      Besides why should I put up with my ASM's snoring when I can make his wife deal with it in her tent?


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        That's a good question. Here is just another one for our forum members to ponder.

        How do married adults tent on Cub Family outings?

        Looking around, there is some guidance from BSA on this issue.

        Under Leadership Requirements for Trips and Outings
        7. Male and female leaders must have separate sleeping facilities. Married couples may share the same quarters if appropriate facilities are available.

        Scouting Forever and Venture On!
        Crew21 Adv


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          We sleep in the same tent as we always have, no matter the Scouting event.

          No one has had a problem or came around quoting the Guide to Sleeping Separately. I suppose if that happened, my wife would dispatch that person or persons on a night hike with instructions not to return until they found some day light.


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            Not complicated.

            Cubs, or Scouts, we sleep in the same tent. Son sleeps in his tent. If daughter is there staffing too then we will have mom, and daughter in one tent and dad and son in another.


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              Only time I ever heard of any complaints about my wife and I sharing the same room or tent during a scouting function, was when she visited me at summer camp the week after we got married. Some of the leaders didn't like it when they saw us exiting the office/bedroom in the welcome center. CD handled their complaints when approached.


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                Crew/Pack/Troop: Married couples typically tent together.
                My wife endured a lot of disruption this fall because I had to repeatedly go adress curfew violators. Still, she chalked it up to one of the best camping weekends she's ever had.


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                  Married couples sharing tents is no problem, and it was common when family members went along on troop outings when I was a youth.

                  Now, there may be times that this won't work well. For example if you have two female and two male leaders going on a backpacking trip, with one of each constituting a married couple, it may be best for the two females to share a tent adn the two males to share another to avoid taking extra tentage and leaving someone without a tent partner. Similar circumstances may come up in cabin camping or on the rare occasion you stay in a motel while traveling. Generally, married couples stay with one another, but don't put the group out of sorts to accomodate the couple.