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  • Math and Science Bronze Award

    I saw in the Scouting magazine I received yesterday that there is a new bronze award. Any suggestions where to find the requirements?

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    Did they say when it was being rolled out? Typically such things are usually rolled out after the first of the year, and there would be info on the National website.

    This is the first I've heard of such a thing, but there has been a lot of 'churn' in the National office in the last year.


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      Bacchus beat me to it. It's on page 15 of the November/December Scouting Magazine under the sub-header

      "The Awards Available to Venturers"

      The final sentence reads:

      " Partly because Venturing is relatively new-it began in 1998- and partly because the program offers different options in its five areas of emphasis: outdoors, sports, arts and hobiies, religious life and math and science- a new award"

      OK, so much to mine from a single sentence. What happened to Sea Scouting? I kept hearing Sea Scouting was getting out from under the auspices of Venturing, I kept hearing that no, Sea Scouts was still part of Venturing and then in this issue, Venturing is discussed without any mention of Sea Scouting. Heck of a way to let the membership know- eh?

      And Math and Science, is that a new award? or a new area of interest? It's in a National magazine as a throw away line, in the words of the immortal Casey Stengel: "Can't anybody here play this game?"


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        It is the end of Venturing as we know it, lol. Well at least its a speciality to attract all the computer nerds out there into scouting, one of Mazzuca's goals. Really though what the heck is National thinking. What's next a merit badge for playing Wii games or a new boy scout rank Nerd scout. Mazzuca seems determined to undermine the very foundation of scouting just to attract more numbers. Oh well many scouters seemed to hate Venturing anyway now National has given them yet another reason. I can imagine BP, Hillcourt, Seton all in heaven talking about who is going to go and beat some sense into those idiots at National. When will this madness all end?


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          I guess those same Scouters hate all the math- and science-oriented merit badges, too, then.

          You know ... those inconsequential nerdy badges like Aviation, Animal Science, Astronomy, Computers, Composite Materials, Drafting, Electricity, Energy, Engineering, Environmental Science, Graphic Arts, Nuclear Science, Plant Science, Radio, Space Exploration and Veterinary Medicine.(This message has been edited by shortridge)


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            Math, science and computer nerds...isn't that what Exploring is for? I'm sooo confused.


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              "Math, science and computer nerds...isn't that what Exploring is for? I'm sooo confused."

              Only if its as a CAREER. If its for a HOBBY, then its Venturing.

              Don't laugh. When the Exploring/Venturing split, while it seems clear which way many units would go (Career-oriented, you go to LfL/Exploring; non-career, you go to Venturing), it was an issue with some. I know of at least one Computer Explorer Post which DIDN'T want to go to Exploring (the leadership where all old-time scouters, saw LfL as a non-moral org, etc, and they weren't chartered to a government body) so they declared themselves a Computer HOBBY Crew to stay with Venturing.

              So it may be a way to bring those sorts of units that wouldn't have an issue with being BSA units (ie, not government sponsored, no issues with BSA membership policies, etc) into Venturing. Frankly, if you look at some of the other career groups in LfL/Exploring (Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, Medical, etc), most wouldn't be a good fit withing Venturing. Math and science could.

              At the National Meeting, they did mention some new awards, but it wasn't along the lines of a new Bronze, but awards along the lines of the Shooting Sports Award- outdoor oriented awards for lots of camping and the like. And no info as to when they'd be coming out.

              I think it was a slip up in leaving out Sea Scouts from that list. Also: "Heck of a way to let the membership know- eh?" Yeah, I'd have to agree...


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                As a self-employed computer tech, and someone who you would probably consider a computer "nerd", I find the tone of some of these posts rather insulting.(This message has been edited by nolesrule)


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                  Math and science are not necessarily exclusivly indoor activities or incompatible with traditional Scouting.

                  Celestrial navigation comes to mind as an activity that involes quite a bit of math and science.

                  The science of botany has numerous applications in the area of wilderness survival.

                  Geology, hydrology and other sciences are very useful things for an outdoorsman to know.

                  And having someone trained in civil engineering would be a definite plus on your next pioneering project.

                  Do you really want to discourage young scientists and mathematicians from your program by denying them recognition for their expertise?



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                    I asked someone I know at the National office. they just started work on the new Bronze, so it will be awhile before it comes out. they didn't give me a date.


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                      A nerd is a nerd is a nerd anyway you slice it, lol. Not everyone who works with computers is a nerd nolesrule but in the case of this new bronze award, BINGO!


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                        Why does that sound like typical Venturing?


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                          I'm in awe by your ability to assess the character, personality and attributes of someone who has earned a still-nonexistent award for which we have yet to actually see the requirements!

                          Color me amazed.


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                            shortridge you need to get a sense of humor dude, this type of award has no place in Venturing or the BSA. Second, Mazzuca has been trying to find a way to get the kids who hate the outdoors involved in scouting, this is his first attempt. Third you don't have to see the requirements to know who this award is really aimed towards. Just continue to watch how scouting continues to change during the Mazzucca reign and it all will become clear to you.


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                              So then why do Aviation, Animal Science, Astronomy, Computers, Composite Materials, Drafting, Electricity, Energy, Engineering, Environmental Science, Graphic Arts, Nuclear Science, Plant Science, Radio, Space Exploration and Veterinary Medicine merit badges all have a place in the BSA?