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Who gets refunds?

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  • Who gets refunds?

    Somewhat of an outlier question, but we're updating our policy on financial assistance and someone asked.

    If a Scout is going to camp on a scholarship from the troop but for whatever reason cancels, who gets the refund money? In the real world, the person or entity which made the original payment gets the refund. But here, while the troop is required to collect camp fees and write one check to the camp, parents individually apply for refunds and receive them. While that normally is a good thing (I don't want to take the time to chase down a refund for you), in the situation of a Scout going to camp on assistance, the money needs to go back to the troop.

    How does that work in your area?

    Clearly, this is a question for our camp director, but I thought I throw it out here.

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    Our council sends refunds to the unit, so this would not be an issue.


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      I agree with The B: The Council would be expected to send any refund to the entity that made the original payment: parent, Troop, Lions Club, etc.
      The Troop then would refund the family that they understand had a good reason to not go to camp.
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        I'm a little confused as to what the CD has to do with this.

        If the scholarship money comes back to the troop, it stays with the troop. In our troop we'd probably add that to the SM's discretionary fund, which is usually used for scouts who can't afford a troop activity. Chances are if the boy needed $$s to go to camp, he'll need fees waived for troop events as well. We want the SM to be able to do that as discretely as possible, and with the discretionary fund it's just a matter of discussion between him the CC and the Treasurer.


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          It ain't that Hard....Establish Who Made the Actual Payment...
          Scholarships simple
          Council Scholarship...Council Keeps the Fee..
          Troop Scholarship...Troop Keeps the Money..
          Individual Donation...Ask them what they want done with the Money. Someone may only want the funds to go to Camp..others can care less where it goes.

          Other Payments...Establish who made the Payment
          Troop Pays Troop gets refund
          Troop collects the Money from Individual then Individual gets the Refund.


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            If the "swap" takes place because the camp's policy is to send the refund to a parent, I think it would be a simple matter of explaining to the camp that the troop paid, the boy canceled, and the refund comes to the troop.

            Are there people in your committee who actually think the money should go to the family? I don't see why anyone would have a question about this.


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              I've tried twice to respond. But my log-in keep expiring (or something) which requires me to log out, log back in, navigate back to the thread and try to pick up my post again.

              I'm tired of trying.


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                While you're trying to respond, I'll just say that I cannot imagine why the camp would write a refund check made out to anyone other than who they got the money from in the first place. The camp director does not know who Mrs. Smith is, and received no money from her, so why would they be sending her a check? Sounds to me like a dangerous way to do business.