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Parent hasn't returned fundraising money

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  • Parent hasn't returned fundraising money

    Last edited by Fehler; 04-03-2014, 08:44 AM.

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    Given your personal history with this person, I think you should step out of the collection process. Have someone else handle the matter fairly but "strictly business" while you stay out of it.

    My $0.02


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      I think you really don't have a choice but to have the Treasurer and the COR contact this person, by certified mail, with a demand letter. Given their financial pattern of behavior, that money is likely gone. When I was a CM, we had one family that needed help in order for their son to attend Pack events and even summer camp. We comped them on many events, and found Council programs so that the boy could go to camp. The flip side of the coin is that for 5 years, the boy was the top Popcorn seller- usually by a wide margin. One year he sold 30% of the Pack's total sales. The amount really isn't the issue. It is a clear violation of Scout Law, as well as local laws- it is theft pure and simple.


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        Tell the other leaders to handle this one because you're too close to the situation to make a fair judgement.

        That way, it's up to them if and how they want to collect. I would recommend that they boy be denied awards and participation in pack activities until accounts are settled. If monetary compensation is not likely, the committee might settle for some sweat equity, like hand made gifts for the leaders and the boys leaving the pack. Or, maybe there's a donor who will match whatever the family can pay back, up to $100. But it has to be a committee decision.

        Clearly, in the future you shouldn't accept popcorn/wreath orders unless folks give you the money up front.


        • qwazse
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          Oh, how to describe the situation? "Stringing the pack along ..."

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        Tread carefully. There is no good answer. The only best answer is to get this closed out quickly. IMHO, I would not hand this off. He's your friend. I'd find a way to get it handled or pay for it myself.

        THEN THEN THEN ... from this family ... don't accept popcorn/wreath orders unless you get the money up front.

        To be honest, someone who has a hard time with money will understand this and you probably don't even have to explain it. Just say you'd like payment up front before distribution of product. He'll know what's going on and will appreciate not having it talked about.


        • qwazse
          qwazse commented
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          Given that the OP has enabled over the years, this might not be as easy as it sounds.

          Asking other scouters in the unit to handle this allows the the OP to move on (and donate his $200 bailout to someone who won't take him for granted).

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        We have families with hardships. It sucks. However, someone, NOT you, needs to talk to him about the pack appreciates his help, happy to write-off certain fees, and cover them to be a part of the pack. However, fundraising money is different, that's taking money that is owed to the pack, he can't get paid to be a scouter, even if he and his son get to go free.

        Since he clearly took a "loan" on the amount, get him on a payment plan. He needs to come up with $20/week until it's paid off.

        You're too close to the situation, but the difference between the pack covering his costs (writing off dues, etc.) and his essentially robbing from the pack treasury (money he is holding on behalf of the Pack, NOT his money) is another story.

        But one thing, especially for families that are bad with money, ask them to turn in the money AS they sell, so they aren't tempted by a few hundred dollars sitting around the house when they have bills to pay. Have the treasurer track what they've paid in for sales as they go, and reconcile it at the end. It's a bit of work, but it makes it WAY easier.


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          Let one of the other committee members handle it.


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            Here is my take. You know the financial hardships. Yes, the Pack covered the Book,Slide, Necker and registration. Fine. That sounds like the Scout was covered. You do that because of the Financial Hardship. You also allow this because he is giving his time to the Pack. That's covered.

            Money owed. Sorry. Time to man up and go get it. You know his track record and you allow it. You have lent him money and sold him items. I suspect you will never see the $200 so the Pack could just write it off.

            Going forward. Tell this Parent/Den Leader/Friend that in no certain terms that he is allowed to work with money for the Pack. If that means that his Scout goes with someone else to collect money or man be it. This person cannot be trusted with Money.

            You have a deadbeat for a Den Leader/Friend. Cut him off. If your the CC it's your job to deal with it. If not, engage the COR.


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              A happy ending, he dropped off a check, and seemed to act oblivious that I was worried about it. And he said he wasn't interested in being a Den Leader next year, and offered to help recruit his replacement (we agree on who should be asked next). I'm going to delete this topic next week, since its a bit personal and I don't want it google-able. Once the check clears.


              • Rick_in_CA
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                "I'm going to delete this topic next week, since its a bit personal and I don't want it google-able."
                A bit of advice. Never post something to a public forum that you don't want to be "google-able". You can delete it, but it will never really go away.