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Fundraiser Idea: Anyone looked at

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  • Fundraiser Idea: Anyone looked at

    Well The Idea sound great..Has anyone else looked at the Site? Anyone Use it?

    According to their Website
    Running a campaign is free, and the fundraising potential... unlimited.
    Booster empowers anyone to rally support for a cause, loved one, group or project by selling custom t-shirts online. Set up your campaign page in a few simple steps, set your price and then share it with everyone you know. Once your Booster closes, we'll fill the orders and send along the funds.

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    I played with it a Bit just to get an Idea on Profits..I designed a T Shirt and Played with Price.

    Design Editor was easy to use.
    I like that you don't have to buy up front


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      It does not look like this website is licensed through the BSA Licensing group. Hence, I suspect when the application is turned into Council it will be denied. Check with or other licenesed websites as I suspect they would be more than happy to help.


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        Where is it required that all Fundraisers have to be done through a BSA Liscensing group? I understand if your gonna use Trademarked Graphics or Words... but Lets just say you want to have a Shirt Say " I am Helping Save Camp Lake Willy Wally Shim Sham Boo for the Future Ask me how" to raise Money.

        This seems like a Better Deal on generic Fundraisers which are not done at a Point of Sale type event. Because Your Not Require to Pick out and buy up front. Apparently People pick out shirts they want and then it is shipped


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          Based upon the BSA Fundraising requirements, and conversations that I have had, going outside of the BSA for items like this is looked down upon. It does not stop people from doing it. One main thing is, if your raising money for non-scouting groups, that is not allowed.

          So, your example is not possible if your doing it with putting the Scout Unit on the shirt/item and having the Youth sell it in uniform.


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            Intersting....just how would you envision Youth Standing around in uniform selling the Products since there is no physical product to sell?
            How many Laptops Would you suggests or Would you recommend Tablets instead? Obviously I would recommend holding the set up at a business with free WiFi...No since in spending money on Data Plans as that would deduct from the profits..I doubt parents want to foot the Bill for data plans.

            Why Can't You put Troop XXX?
            Do you think "Troop XXX" is a Trademark?


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              "Troop XXX" - What are we talking about, porn with a scouting theme?