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  • Fundraising, Grants & all

    I had posted this in another thread but didnt want it to get lost on page 4.
    Looking for everyone elses ideas & input to make the list longer.

    "My first SM as ASM told me the average BSA SM spends about 2,500$ a year ...

    The kids should not spend their time only fundraising, yet sometimes you need larger sums for different things.
    There is grants for nearly anything; some exclude membership fees but if you looked hard enough; I heard of troop that got grants for uniforms…

    I did a lot of reading and tought myself a lot about grants and am working on piecing together a "tutorial" I want to put on youtube or something to pass on the knowledge
    (so any additions, comments, hints, ideas welcome :-) I already added a couple things from this thread).

    Fundraising 101
    -Bake Sale
    -Cookies/Choclate/Candy Bars/Popcorn/Lemonade/Wine
    -Pens with troop details
    -Emergency/Rescue/Space Blankets
    -Meal event: Pancake Breakfast, Spaghetti Dinner, BBQ, Sausage Sizzle,
    Invite Rotary, Masons, Lions, local sports team …
    -Scout Shop (at events, online on troop page, FB etc)
    -Uniform Exchange
    -Scout Disco
    -Game/Quiz night, Pub Crawl/Party, ...

    Grants 202
    Transportation/Fuel Grants (Overseas?!)
    Membership fee Grants
    Grants for repairs of existing structures
    Special note: if you need money for anything having to do with water or hygiene there is a Foundation from Eagle Scout Bill Gates & his wife that specializes in just that.

    There is heaps of places to apply for grants, but sometimes you have to look at national or even international level.

    Grants seem more complicated and complex than they actually are:
    don't fear the paperwork or having to apply for more than 1 grant.
    You need to turn in 20 or 30 pages?
    95% is going to be photocopies of registration, tax number etc.
    Not much you have to write yourself except fill out the forms,
    a letter from your committee. Simple really.

    When I arrived the Scout Group in New Zealand was "scared" of the "large sum" of 12,000$
    for a roof, but also needed walls and replace water damage in the floors and redo the bathrooms...
    There had been big ideas and great plans to add the scout hut
    to civil resilience as an emergency community center with water tanks and …

    I picked up the ball and started pushing the locals a bit LOL
    After a couple of builders quotes I estimated the Group needed 50-55,000$.
    They thought I was nuts.

    I was "active" Grant Admin for about 6 months, and about a year after I started
    had raised or helped raise about 16,000$ and repairs have started.
    Depending on how you see it I was bringing in over 1,000$ to 2,000$ every month.
    My teachers always told me I don't work up to my abilities LOL.
    The Group Leader has now asked me for a 18,000$ transportation grant for jamboree …
    16k of 70k … Still working on it ;-) "

    (You know its bad when you start to quote yourself LOL)

    So keep the various ideas, pros & cons coming :-D

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    we have a flag program that brings in almost 10k a year.
    They sell subscriptions to adults in the neighborhood around the scout hut, the scouts will go out and put out a flag in the morning on 8 holidays a year, then go back and take the flag down before dark.

    They charge like $45 or 50 the first year and $40 each year after that. The initial $ pays for a long piece of conduit and a flag. in the ground at the person's house they put a piece of PVC as a receiver with a red cap on it, wherever the homeowner wants the flag posted. draw a map of the yard to find the red plug. scouts take off the plug, unroll the flag and place the conduit into the receiver and salute the flag.

    The scouts get paid a minimal amount in their scout acct and the rest goes to the troop acct. Oh there is also a line for people to add a donation if they want, and there is often an extra $50 in the envelope when it comes back.

    The flags are stored in long coffin looking wooden boxes in the scout lodge that double as a long cabinet to do work at the lodge.


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      Thank you very much for your input 5yearscouter. I like the idea, very patriotic.
      Difficult for Troops overseas unless they are on base, but a great idea.
      The one thing our Charter asked of our Troop was a flag ceremony at the George Washington Masons Ball
      (before that I got a friend from the USAF to come by, made the boys look sharp ;-) )

      So any more ideas for fundraising, grants and the like?

      In New Zealand some scout troops sell coupon/voucher books,
      or "scout choclate" in front of the super market, schools ...
      Having stands at community/school/sport events with bake sale/sausages what not is not just a great fundraiser but good recruiting as well.


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        So far no real information here. Lots of bragging.

        I am impressed with what your are saying but....I need real nuts and bolts on what I need to do to find folks who are distribute grants.

        How do I know what companies have foundations or how to locate foundations who distribute grants? How do I know what their focus is?

        Is there a website or publication that one could reference..

        In need tenting, backpacks, sleeping bags and money for our own van or to buy our CO a new one.


        • berliner
          berliner commented
          Editing a comment
          companies, foundations and grants is 3 different things.

          - you can directly ASK companies: my scout group in NZ got 1,500$ Gear Voucher from an Outdoor Store.
          What camping gear retailers are in your area? Army shops? Big Auto Company/Garage?

          - I found several websites for Grants in NZ but have no particuler ones for the states (because I didnt look)
          In NZ for 20$ you can buy a Grant Guide, the Goverments Council holds info evenings once a year or so.

          - Grants are often given by churches, schools, goverment etc. Foundations tend to specalize more.
          There is also 2 types of Grants:
          - most Grants are on-off payments but for planing reasons some Grants prefer
          -multi-year projects with yearly payments or so.

          Foundations are, for example but not limited to, financing one project or objective over a very long period of time
          with larger sums.

          Best bet is to do a web search (different seach engines = different results) with the words
          *grant* and *your city/state/country*

          I did find a UK Grant for Scouts that was only for travel to camp etc.

          As stated above I started this thread to create a refence for Grants etc as so far I have not found one.
          Thanks for your input.

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        How do the taxes on these grants work?

        Since your unit is owned by your CO, are the grants in your CO's name?


        • berliner
          berliner commented
          Editing a comment
          Oi getting specific. Cool - keep 'em coming 8-)

          In New Zealand Scouts there is no Charterd Organisation concept.
          The Grant is given directly to the Scout Group.
          Paperwork has to be signed by:
          Scoutmaster/Groupleader as well as Committee Chair, C-Treasurer and maybe C-Fundraising Officer/Grant Administrator.
          Photocopies you need to turn in with the Grant application include the tax number and the charity certificate
          (again NZ / US will be different, just saying)
          Now I was not treasurer so I can not say this for sure and will check,
          but as the Scout Group does not pay taxes it doesnt matter,
          if you get builders quotes the grant will only cover cost without tax
          as the Scout Group gets any paid taxes back at the end of the year anyway.
          (hope it makes sense, someone help me with the translation of Brutto Netto LOL)

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        Been there done that......American companies are used to being asked for help.......I have contacted various tent manufactures, National and local outdoor stores or outfitters. Without naming companies, most did not respond. I have contacted several local foundations with very specific request and no help.... Heck I can't even get our council to get boys in need books and shirt.

        I can get a dozen loaves of bread, a couple packs of hotdogs and kool aid donated by the local grocer, no problem.


        • Basementdweller
          Basementdweller commented
          Editing a comment
          All the applications were handed to the DE 4 different years which means 4 different people.

          ZERO response even to follow up calls, voice mail as they do not answer their office or cell phones, and emails.

          rejected no.......Ignored yes

        • berliner
          berliner commented
          Editing a comment
          Now 4 DEs in 4 years should at least answer a call or an email - something is definately wrong.
          Help me out, who is the next one up from DE? Ever contacted them with a slight hint of the backlog?
          Dont let yourself be ignored and make yourself heard and seen.
          Be kind, be friendly but dont go away or back down.
          How far is this office from you? Drive by with a Patrol in tow? ;-)
          See if I ran into the same wall twice I would be looking to get around or over it ...

          How many boys do you need packs and bags for ?
          Ever asked Lions or Rotary for help ??

        • Basementdweller
          Basementdweller commented
          Editing a comment
          The DE's are not making their friends of scouting goals and are punishing the district.

          Thats ok.....I have the hook up at the salvation army and good will......I am on the first call list for uniforms. But I haven't been called in a while.

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        there used to be a directory of foundations. The reference librarian at the public library is the one to contact. Maybe a letter to the editor of the local paper can unearth a decent van for you or at least some no longer used tentage and other gear.
        Gather up any photographs you have of your troop doing Scout stuff. Sort them, and place 'em in those plastic sleeves that fit into a looseleaf binder. so you have a flip thru album. During slow business hours visit the Coke distributor, the Pepsi distributor, the beer distributor, and any busy mom & pop restaurants and hardware stores. Doing this is probably illegal in National's eyes. Have your 501(c)3 number with you and some of your SM business cards with contact info
        In my first troop, our sponsor the <school> Mothers' Club had the world's oldest concession trailer which they would set up at every home football game. They made enough selling hot dogs, pop, hot chocolate to fund most of the activities.
        Most scrap paper drives don't do well as one-offs. However, if the community knew that First Saturday of every month you'd be collecting newspapers you may be able to fill the trailer every month
        A quick search theru the internet told me most big corporations have stopped donating to Scouts because of LGBT issues. You would probably be better off approaching the local self-made men as they are still very independent.


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          thank you very much boomerscout: yes indeed a visit to a local library can never replace 1,000 online searches!
          Ask the librarian by all means.

          -Check your records if before your time your pack/troop already apllied to something somewhere (treasurer/historian)

          -Gambling Trusts
          A lot of grants in NZ are given by Trusts run by the big gambling companies (casino/lotto). There is local licensed places that do smaller grants as well.


          • berliner
            berliner commented
            Editing a comment
            search term "corporate responsibility"

            I was looking at big defense contractors that hand out money to the community for their image ;-)

            Say, above the District Executive is the Council and above that National ... So if bmd has a problem with DE who is the next up the food chain/chain of command?

          • dedkad
            dedkad commented
            Editing a comment
            #4 on the Unit Fundraising application rules.

            I wonder what your Council will think about receiving revenue from a gambling operation. Our Council rejected a request from our Charter Organization to give their proceeds from one night of bingo to Boy Scouts. We managed to make it work by earmarking the money towards one of the Boy Scout camps instead, which was marketed as a "youth camp" with no mention of Boy Scouts. I'm sure with a little creative thought, you could wash the money clean and get it to your unit, but it is not as straightforward as just "here you go".

          • berliner
            berliner commented
            Editing a comment
            thank dedkad - I did not know that link

            4. "Selling raffle tickets or other games of chance is a direct violation of the BSA Rules and Regulations, which forbid gambling. The product must not detract from the ideals and principles of the BSA."

            Now as it is worded I cannot see how a grant or contribution from a casino would break those rules, as non of the scouts or scouters would be selling tickets or enterting a game of chance (lets forget about the chance of the application being approved).
            Similiar rule in New Zealand: no raffle tickets etc to be sold by scouts. Casino funding scout hut roof = no problem.

            LOL about washing money clean ...
            A scout is clean and there should be no need to launder funds or hide anything, and please be creative in other areas than accounting.
            Just phrase things right ROFL

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          Drive right past a casino on the way to work.......I have looked longing at it and thought about it.....I am sure council would frown upon it...... Our unit is fairly close only one unit is closer than us to it....... Hmmmmm


          • berliner
            berliner commented
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            there you go: scouted out a new possibility to try.
            Grant me a bit more info: I know what you need, but how many boys? And what city/state are you in?

            Again: do you have Rotary, Lions or a Lodge in your area? (check Yellowpages)
            You have to think of these people a bit like adult scouts:
            all they do is fundraise and help here and there ... !!!
            The number of ASMs and SMs who are in lodges can be quite surprising.

          • Basementdweller
            Basementdweller commented
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            I am pretty sure the local council figures out who I am they will toss me out with the things written on this forum about them and their shennigans over the years....

            We do have a Kiwanis club that does give us a $100 to maintain their signs when entering our burg boundarys. The Rotarians support another unit.... no lions......VFW can't afford the rent on their building....... No mighty whitey clubs here......Moose, Elks or Eagles.

            Our wealthy suburban neighbors guard their fundraising turf very aggressively......

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          Local council can't do much if CO wants to retain you. In their minds, they will see you as the lesser of two evils -- the greater being the loss of the troop and declining membership in the BSA. If the casino, or their vendors or suppliers, does cut you a check, merely have the ASM or a rep from the CO stand in for the photo op. The caption could say something like gambling chips supplier supports local youth programs without mentioning it's specifically for your troop

          Go in with a specific dollar amount in mind. On paper have x tents at $ each, y # of sleeping bags at $ each. Pictures from a catalog will help. A collection of $500 checks from all the vendors would be quite nice. Probably wear a suit instead of your SM uniform. Don't forget the photographs of your Scouts doing Scout stuff


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            Visit all the churches within a ten mile radius. Even the wealthier (?) churches will do some outreach into disadvantaged neighborhoods. Thirty dollars, wisely used, may become eighty dollars next year and two hundred the next. Talk to the church's office manager. Even if they don't contribute, they may offer useful advice as you make your network larger


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              I just learned something new ^o^ See, I didnt know Kiwanis
              (orignal name: The Benevolent Order of Brothers, Motto: “serving the children of the world”, behind Lions and Rotary the Kiwanis is the 3rd largest)

              Rotary supports another unit - do you know how? Did you ask them?
              Did you ask Kiwanis?

              That VFW cant pay their own rent is sad. But just maybe one of these old grunts can help you. Did you ask?

              basementdweller - I understand you better than you think.
              If you have become a personna non gratta then you need a new face - any volunteer or parent that could help
              you as Committee Fundraising Officer or Grant Administrator?
              You can still do a lot of the work and the planning and all behind the scenes, but I think you need a new face LOL 8-)

              If you figure out you need X amount of dollars, go out to 10 churches and ask for 1/10 of X.

              First do 10-20 mile circles around your location, but do also look at state and national level outside BSA.

              Draft a committe letter that you can send to organisations, stores, trusts, etc.


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                well I applied to the owner of the casino's foundation for enough funds for 7 tents. I also applied to a national retailers foundation for funds for 4 boy for summer camp....

                The CC raised his eye brows when I told him what I was doin.......

                We will see.....

                It wasn't as hard as you made it sound....Filled the forms, a few fed numbers....Sent it in.


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                  Raised his eye brow? Please explain ^o^

                  Well thanks :-) I actually was not trying to make it sound hard but the opposite, so that people arent afraid to try it out and apply 8-)
                  If your first or fifth or tenth application just dont give but try to figure out what you can alter to be succesful.

                  Anything I can help you with - just ask :-)


                  • berliner
                    berliner commented
                    Editing a comment
                    "Special thanks for sponsoring this years Cub Day Camp goes out to the XXX Film company"

                  • Basementdweller
                    Basementdweller commented
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                    Oh KDD, king if high speed low drag program, I forgot your group isn't even allowed to see college kids drinking beer on a river.

                    We are the Bad News Bears of scouting......Think Chico's Bail Bonds.

                    I am sure there are internet porn companys with sort of vanilla names.......

                  • King Ding Dong
                    King Ding Dong commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Sound like a good unit leader-assigned leadership project to help your unit. "Go search the Internet for porn companies with sort of vanilla names".

                    Yep, unfortunately I inherited my Kingdom when I stepped up to the PTO. As you have told me, not much I can do about it. The culture is there and the parents seem to like it that way. The SM seemed a little receptive to my concerns about do nothing PORs, we shall see. He still thinks that hotel room in a cave counts a camping night. Meanwhile still shopping.

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                  Hollywood Casino owned by Penn National Today, the Penn National Gaming Foundation is proud to support numerous local non-profit organizations in the communities in which Penn National operates, focusing on projects that promote community development, education, human services, cultural affairs and diversity, and health services.

                  Grant determinations will be considered on a quarterly basis. Applications are due by 5pm Eastern on the following dates in order to be considered for that quarter. Late applications will be forwarded to the next quarter for review:
                  • January 1
                  • April 1
                  • July 1
                  • October 1