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Kickball Tournament

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  • Kickball Tournament

    This spring, high school students set up a dodgeball tournament to raise money for the local children's hospital. They charged $10 per person. People had to put their own teams together. The teams were organized by age. I hate dodgeball, but I love the idea of kickball tournament. I'm toying with the idea of organizing the teams with mixed ages because I'm not sure I'll get enough people to form up enough teams if I sort them out by age, but I'm not sure mixed-age teams will work. The bigger boys will likely walk all over the smaller boys.

    I'm also thinking this should be a charity event instead of raising money for ourselves. Even so, it would be a great recruiting tool. What do you think? Have you ever heard of any packs trying anything like this?

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    You need to check into the issue of scouts raising funds for other organizations. I am not clear on all the ins and outs, but I recall this is a no, no. It kind of confuses me because a scout can raise funds for an eagle project that benefits another organization.


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      This sounds like it is similar to the "Scout Account" thread. There are issues about fund-raising and how that is accounted for and distributed. Since your unit is part of your CO you may run afoul of their 501(c)(3) status. Always best to run these ideas past your COR before you do them. If they don't know they certainly have an accountant who should.