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Is this a good fundraising idea?

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  • Is this a good fundraising idea?

    My sons school had a penny war. Each class brought in penny from home and put it in the class jar. You got 1 point for each penny. All silver change and dollars had a negitive value (ie nicle = -5 dime = -10) So they would put all the silver change and bills in other classes jars. They did it for a week.The class with the most points won a prize. All money was donated to designated charity.

    I was wondering if our troop could addapt that to raise funds for boys scout accounts. The prive would be a gift card to Cabelas or REI or something. All funds raised would go to each individual scout account. We would have to run it for a month or two.

    Do you think this would work to get boys to think about filling there own scout accounts?

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    How many kids are in your troop?

    We very often do raffles at the pack meeting. You can get tickets from the Dollartree (like 250 of them for $1) and we usually get 5-10 prizes from the dollar tree as well. Then we sell tickets at 5 tickets for $1.

    Last year that was how we eeked along paying for awards and such since our popcorn and camp card fundraisers were rather poo.

    As for the penny jar thing, I can see how that would work at a school as they can view the results daily and always be thinking about it and bringing more money in daily. With scouts though, you would only see those things once a week at most?
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      With your son's school, all funds put in the jars (coin or paper) went to a charity.

      In your Troop, all money is going into a Scout's pocket.

      Big difference.

      At school, I would be more than happy to put $5 in another class's jar knowing that it was going to help a charity as well as lower the points of the other class.

      In your Troop why should I put my $5 in someone else's Scout account? It doesn't matter a hill of BB's what his points are, I am out $5, and the other Scout is $5 richer.


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        This really doesn't fit the spirit of Scout fundraising, which is to offer a fair product at a fair price. (Yeah, yeah, popcorn)

        It's a cute idea for raising money for Toys for Tots or a local shelter, though.


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          Yeah, I agree with the others that this isn't a good idea nor do I think the council would approve it as a fundraiser. (all fundraisers except council run ones like camp cards and popcorn need to be approved).
          By the way, raffles are considered to be a form of gambling by BSA and are not allowed.

          There are a number of suggestions in scouting literature for fundraising and many are not product sales.


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            My thought was it would teach the boys to save for what they wanted. Plus give them incentive to do so with the prize.

            Also the boys could use strategy to win the prize.

            You all have very good points though. I can see why it probable wouldn't work.

            I asked the question here before bring it up at the troop meeting. I figure its alright to look dumb in front of a bunch of strangers on the internet instead of at the troop meeting


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              I dont think it works for Scout Accounts. Might work well for a Patrol competition.


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                The original idea, tho good for a school, is not Scout appropriate. As has been said, Scout standards require that the fund raiser provide "value" for the money. There are lots of really neat, team building ideas out there, even on this website (!).

                And, I must agree, the raffle idea is not in accord with Scout standards. It is gambling. Now, I have seen awards made to folks at a B&G dinner (for instance) that did not involve any money added. Money for each ticket > ticket(s) > drawing > prize = raffle. No-No-No. Ticket number at each place setting, or on program handed to you at the door (it's a pot luck dinner) > drawing > thank you gift = Not a raffle, no "betting" on the number drawn. Pack raises their money the old fashioned way: Car washes, popcorn, Christmas wreaths.

                And any fund raising can NEVER go directly to the Scout. It must benefit the Unit and the Unit may parcel it out for Scout accounts, but not a direct benefit. Hence the requirement that the Scout account be used for camp fees, Troop museum tickets, Philmont train tickets and such, NOT boots and personal sleeping bags and such.

                Ticket at table,


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                  Since it's all in house, I wouldn't call it fundraising at all -- no more than collecting dues is a fundraiser. Now if you put collection jars in check-out aisles in area stores, then it's a fundraiser and would violate the BSA principle of offering a fair product for a fair price.

                  I'm with Tampa that this may be an interesting inter-patrol competition but I dont' see it working with individual Scouts. May be fun between patrols but could come across as mean if directed at individuals.


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                    I thought about it as a patrol copetition but then what would be the prize. I was willing to donate a gift card but 5 to 8 gift cards would be a bit much. Also what would we do with the money collected divide it up to the boys in the patral for there scout accounts?

                    Or maybe use it to pay for the next campout?

                    I am not sure if it would work or not. I know at my sons school the kids are very serious about winning each year.


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                      Mich: ""I thought about it as a patrol copetition ""
                      ""Also what would we do with the money collected divide it up to the boys in the patral for there scout accounts?""

                      Indeed, how could this be a 'competition'? To what end are you 'raising ' the money? What is the benefit from the 'competition'? What are the Scouts learning? Which charity benefits? Are you merely transferring money from the richer Scouts to ,,, someone else? Is Scout Tom going to pay for Scout Kevin's camping? How is that Scout-like?

                      I can see the class competition in the school. They are raising money for a benefit of someone else, or did I misread that?
                      How would it be to do the same thing to raise money for a different worthy cause OTHER than YOUR Scout unit?

                      Part of the benefit of a true fund raiser is the boys learning the worth of honest effort and work. Give and get. Folks appreciate that. A Scout washing my car is always a good thing.
                      Even when the Troop of my youth went out early on a saturday morn and sold warm, fresh donuts door to door we saw the appreciation of (most) folks that we met for our efforts. "I wish you boys would do this more often". "Where were you last saturday when my (family) was visiting?" "Boy Scouts? I don't eat that sugary faty stuff, except when you-all show up".

                      I just don't see the utility of the boys 'competing' in which Patrol can collect the most coin for... themselves?


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                        When it was an individual competition the scouts would learn the benefit of saving. A scout is thrifty. Part of thrifty is saving as a patrol competition I am not sure what the lesson would be.

                        This is why I asked it here instead of at a troop meeting. I really don't mind if someone on the internet thinks my idea isn't worth considering. This way I won't bring it up at a meeting.

                        I know at my sons school they really get into it. Maybe the patrol competition could be for FOS.

                        Based on the reaction here I think it doesn't fit into scouting.


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                          IMHO, if the boys think it will be fun, they should do it for a charity they like. Our boys go caroling and they proudly collect money for a local nursing home. All the money yor boys collect should go to something of the sort.

                          For the winning patrol? I suggest a signature Dutch oven desert on the next campout. Courtesy of your old fart's patrol.