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Flag Ceremony as a Fund Raiser

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  • Flag Ceremony as a Fund Raiser

    One of my theories is that Scout Troops, perhaps even Cub Packs could make some good money by offering their services doing flag ceremonies for a fee, or perhaps just for donations.

    Suppose a troop worked up a snappy flag ceremony, with everyone in a nice uniform and a Troop Bugler sounding "To the Colors."

    Send letters out to corporations, businesses and other groups offering that service for a fee or for donations.

    I'm guessing that a corporation that had a Boy Scout Troop do a flag ceremony for their annual meeting might have a CEO willing to make a generous donations for a snappy ceremony.

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    I'm not keen on this idea, Seattle. Providing flag ceremonies as a community service is a great idea, but we shouldn't charge. Or even encourage quid pro quo donations for the service.


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        I'm with Trevorum - I think it just sends the wrong message about Boy Scouts to the general public. I don't think I'd want to try to defend the practice once the "did you hear that the BSA is charging people to hold flag ceremonies for them" whispering campaign gets going. I sure wouldn't want to be in the Troop that caused that whispering campaign and had to face fellow Scouters from other units that might start getting calls wondering if they'll still be participating in Memorial Day or Veteran's Day ceremonies without charging.

        Plus there is the logistics - most corporate annual meetings take place during the work-day, and usually early enough in the year that school is in session - do you think parents will take kindly to the idea of taking their kids out of school for part of the day to particiapte in a fundraiser?

        My opinion, we keep flag ceremonies on the same level as other volunteer service to our communities - it's just something we, as Boy Scouts, do, without expectations of any remuneration for the job.


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          It doesn't pass the sniff test, for me. Does everything really have to come with a price tag? What's next, charging little old ladies for helping them across the street? $5 for every good turn done daily? Granny stays in the middle of the street til she pays up?


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            The test of something like this is to see if it has been done before. Will people PAY to see someone do flag stuff? Specifically USA flag stuff?

   Oh, wait. That's free admission.

   Nope, free to the public....

            I think the offer of a proper flag ceremony is good. Witnesses to the things Scouting should be about. ASKING for a "donation"....ummmmm, no. Accepting one if offered, maybe.

            Reminding folks what the US flag represents, appropriate.


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              No FOS solicitations at the ECOH either, I suppose?


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                Ancillary topic:

                Once, in a discussion of the financial condition of our Meeting, the discussion swung between the number of families donating, the various amounts (no names were mentioned), the idea that it seemed to be always the same families and how to encourage others.
                We were reminded that folks give as the Spirit moved them, and possibly as an indcation of the importance of Meeting to them.
                It was then suggested that , as an indication of how important Meeting was to folks, perhaps we should charge admission.

                This suggestion was not adopted.


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                  That leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
                  Scouts do flag ceremonies as community service.

                  If you want a flag related fundraiser,
                  sell subscriptions in your neighborhood to businesses or homes to have scouts go out and put up a flag for them at 8 holidays a year. We do that and make almost $10k a year.


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                    "No FOS solicitations at the ECOH either, I suppose?"

                    If some clown tried to do an FOS presentation at my ECOH, I wouldn't be Eagle Scout after physically kicking the idiot to the curb.


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                      "If some clown tried to do an FOS presentation at my ECOH, I wouldn't be Eagle Scout after physically kicking the idiot to the curb. "

                      Sure you would. You have already passed your board of review by the time your COH is held.

                      Rank once given is never revoked, right?...


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                        What I *have* heard of some units doing, is providing a "flag service" (sort of like a lawn service) for homes & businesses. X times a year on holidays such as Memorial Day, flag day, etc. the unit comes to the subscriber's homes and erects a temporary flag pole, complete w/ U.S. flag. Next day (week?) they come and take it down.



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                            Honestly, I don't see a lot of difference either. And I am really surprised that folks pay for these flag "services!" Not something I'd want to be a part of.


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                              Not something I would recommend to any of my units either.

                              I feel that flag ceremonies, and flag retirements, are service opportunities, not money-earning opportunities.