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Knee Socks With Red Tops

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  • Knee Socks With Red Tops

    Remember those knee socks with the red tops? I've been checking eBay for about a year and every now and then there are some up for auction. However, they tend to sell for upwards of $40-$60! Crazy, huh? There's still some demand out there for those socks, apparently.

    My Scouts laugh at me know when I wear the new knee socks but seeing the red-topped ones make me nostalgic for the '80s. That said, I can't see myself paying up to $60 for a pair!

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    Ya gotta go back to the future, my friend..... Green kneesocks with the light green tabs on the side or Red tabs or Dark green tabs..... Trivia: Which color for which type of Scout?


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      If one thinks the knee socks get a ribbing, try leg wraps that were used by BSA prior to 1940. My boys are always giving me a hard time because I use them all the time. Yes, they are warm, but I'll take the heat over the ticks any day. My boys quit commenting when I pull my needle nose pliers out of the leggings every time they find a tick. Ever wonder why the military tucks their pants into their boots? I don't. Well, unless you have boots or socks to tuck pant legs into, the leggings work great.

      It's also a great way to get the boys to tuck their shirts into their pants, too.

      Ticks are a wonderful learning experience for the boys. Always use visual aids. Tick + SM's pliers = lesson learned.



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        $40 to $60 a pair ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

        Maybe I should sell a few of mine


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          Yep, if you are talking the ones with the red strip at the top, I have a box full that nobody will wear in the troop. Now if you are talking the old socks with the garter and tab, that is a different story. Harder to find, and red tabs a bit harder than green.


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            Check this out!


            And these aren't even the knee-high ones I was talking about...