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wearing the eagle medal as a scouter

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  • wearing the eagle medal as a scouter

    Almost all the scouters I've worked with have worn their Eagle medal at special occasions if they had one, until now.
    We attended a Coh at my sons new troop last week, I dug my medal out of a box, pinned it on and off we went.
    I tend to keep my uniform simple; an eagle knot, OA flap ( yes, I have paid my dues this year ) and sometimes a temp patch. I only wear the medal at Coh. Not to brag but to honor the eagle scouts in the troop, and to perhaps say without words to the younger scouts that an eagle is something you can wear even when you are are old and grey.
    Got some funny looks and I observed that the other two adult eagles wore only their knots.
    Has something changed? Or have I been doing it wrong all these years?
    Old scout

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    Approved for Scouters, p 61 of the Guide to Awards and Insignia.


    • kjmillig
      kjmillig commented
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      Page 30 is the reference for the Eagle Scout medal. Page 61 refers to the square knot. But yes, adults may wear the medal on formal Eagle Scout occasions, such as an Eagle Scout CoH.

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    Never thought to wear it myself. Never bothered if someone else does.

    Now, I have worn it with suit and tie on occasions where medals are worn.


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      Since I became a uniformed scouter two years ago, I have pulled my medal out of the box and pinned it to my uniform exactly twice. Both times were to attend an Eagle CoH. I wasn't the only adult wearing mine either time, and no one gave me a second look. I'm happy to wear the medal with pride when appropriate and welcome new members into our brotherhood.


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        When I was in the military, and moving a lot, I had the same experience. In one council, most adult Eagles wore their medal to ECOHs. I moved, new council, wore mine to an Eagle dinner, and I was the only adult there wearing it.


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          I think this can be classified in the same file as "when do I wear my Woodbadge Beads/dove necker/DA dangle/adult religious dangle/QA sash.. " If you earned it, you can find the "appropriate" time to wear it. Or not wear it.


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            Yes, I always wear my Eagle medal to Eagle Court of Honors. Also Scout Sunday, and Eagle Recognition day at Summer Camp.