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Snug trousers?

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  • Snug trousers?

    I bought a pair of the older style pants (2 pairs) and both are 36s... but they are a tight 36! The elastic is so snug that it seems a bit too tight (or I am not used to it), anyone else have this issue?

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    My scout is thicker in the middle. With the zip off leg style I opened the seam inside the waist band and cut the elastic. Will hold him till the next growth spurt.

    Perhaps an alterations person could replace the elastic in yours with some that have a bit more give (since you have probably quit growing.)


    • jblake47
      jblake47 commented
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      " (since you have probably quit growing.) "

      Fat chance! all my clothes seem to shrink just hanging in the closet.


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    If you are referring to the pants that do become shorts, the size 36 is with the elastic fully expanded. Back in the day when I sold them, I would suggest getting a size, sometimes two sizes, bigger than needed, for the scout to grow into them.


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      I hate when my clothes shrink in the dryer :-)


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        I am a 30 yr old, so I doubt I will keep growing lol, I have the older pants


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          The older style of pants definately fit more snug. The newer ones have the elastic in them. Yes, they shrink just hanging in the closet.


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            I Goodwill'ed them and got 38s