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Women's Uniform Question

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  • Women's Uniform Question

    I have a VERY active mother in our unit who would love to step up and become a den leader but we have ONE problem: for religious reasons she only wears skirts. I would LOVE to have her be more active with the unit but she is not comfortable wearing the pants and we cannot find a vintage skirt in her size (plus size lady). I can sew her a skirt of a fabric similar to the uniform (or the same if I can find it!) and am more than willing to accommodate her. She already participates in all of our activities but just doesn't wear a uniform but rather a long, full skirt with leggings underneath.

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    The woman wants to help! Let her!
    Anything you can do to help her feel like part of the unit is great.
    Everyone in your group will just come to terms with it.


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      Can she wear the shirt? I think it would be a good den meeting to have her explain why she wears what she does and have a discussion.


      • qwazse
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        Why? Are grade school boys watching fashion shows these days?

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      Thank you so much for your responses!!!!! Yes, she can wear the shirt is very excited. She's an absolute delight. A few of the boys have asked her and she just smiles and says "Because a Scout has a duty to follow God in the way he or she is called and this is how God is calling me." I just found the PERFECT skirt for her to wear with her uniform online - it even matches the color of the switchbacks. I also took the liberty of calling our District Executive to verify that this was okay and he told me it was definitely fine for anything under his leadership and if anyone questions it to tell them he approved it.


      • Austinole
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        Sounds like you found a winner.

      • montanadenleader
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        Best volunteer EVER! I would have cried if I couldn't have found a solution!

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      I know they weren't popular, but who was the idiot at national that decided to pull the skirts from the racks?

      I say adapt, improvise and overcome.


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      If some lady shows up every week to help out at a den meeting and she has a spatula in one hand and a hot-pad with a sheet of chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven in the other, how many boys are going to even notice what's she's wearing? It's not what you are wearing that is important, it's what you do!

      For whatever reason, can uniforms be modified? How about the disabled scout who has lost a leg in an accident. Do the cuffs on his pants have to be the same length? And what does he do with his other scout sock?

      If Seik scout is required to wear a turban for religious reasons, how does that "fit in" with his uniform and does he have to remove it for the flag ceremonies?

      12th Law - honor your religion. If that means the uniform is adjusted to do that, so be it.

      Sometimes common sense is a really good thing to consider.



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      A uniform is NOT required to be a Scout. Nice to have, makes us feel part of the movement, etc., but.... In a lot of places, a Tee shirt and Neckerchief is sufficient. Look at pictures of the World Jamboree, not everyone is in a blinged out tan/green/blue shirt. The only thing a Scout is required to do is follow the Scout Promise and Law, and even that is somewhat adjustable. Not every SP&L around the world is the same as the USA-BSA ones, but we recognize the brother/sister Scout when we meet them.

      If the woman is exemplary of the SP&L, then welcome to my Den and here's how you can help....

      Get her to Woodbadge!


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        We have several female leaders and none of them wear the uniform pants. A couple do not wear the leader shirts either but instead wear a pack t-shirt instead. It is hard to argue the point that they have to wear the uniform when leaders are in such high demand and the uniform is about as unbecoming on women as possible.


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          So many things to say here.

          First: Duty to God is a scouts first duty. If pants don't fit with this leader's beliefs, then anyone who does not understand needs to read the definition of the twelfth point of the scout law.

          Second: Good leaders are hard to find, make every effort to make this fine leader feel welcome.

          Third: Diversity is a reality in the world we live and scout in, and she has just the right attitude about it. Let your scouts grow from the experience.

          Fourth: Your unit has at least two fantastic leaders, your care and concern speak volumes.

          Fifth: Thank you for your service and devotion.


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            I concur, with all above, I never understood why some many people are so focused on the uniform. I've heard the arguments but I think too many make it the begin and end all to the program. If people push you on it, send them to us :-)