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James E West Award on Youth Uniform

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  • James E West Award on Youth Uniform

    So I was informed that someone made a donation in my name and that I would be receiving the James E West Award. I was wondering if I could wear the award knot on my shirt or not. I'm still a youth so it's sort of a gray area.

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    Yes, it is a Knot that can be worn by both Youth and Adult. Congratulations on the award. It seems someone thinks your doing the right thing.

    You can wear it on the left hand side above the pocket, right where you would for the Religious Knot if you had one of those.


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    If there's a picture of you receiving the knot, send it with a thank you note to the donor. It sounds like it was an anonymous gift, so it would be a "Dear Sir/Madame" sort of thing to give to your SM/CC to send up the chain and hopefully make it to the donor. But, it would be worth a try.


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      Yes, someone has awarded it to him. Yes, someone did pay $1000 for it. But they are awarding it to him.


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        Believe ti or not, one of the intentions of the West Fellowship was to honor those who are involved n Scouting. I know of several long term Scouters who had folks contribute to recognize their tenrue in scouting.


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          This is not a grey area, you are permitted to wear the knot. Just make sure you sew it on right side up


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            Kind of a weird first and only post (one day after signing up for an account) by a youth and zero follow-up by the OP. Makes me think that this is an adult trolling....

            Just sayin'...


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              Well I'll do a follow up. I mentioned folks giving a West Fellowship in honor of someone. Well I found out that 1 gentlemen that use to be in my council, and worked heavily with my district commissioner and his wife, donated a Fellowship to both of them in his new council. He said he didn't know what was up, only that he received a call from his friend asking for his full, formal name. A few weeks later, he got a package in the mail.