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Lettering on shirts....grrrrrrr

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  • Lettering on shirts....grrrrrrr

    Ive googled/searched on this issue, and can only find old (3-4 years ago) references to the problem of the BSA red lettering coming off of the shirt. My son's letter has been slowly falling off, and its just getting under my skin. I went to the scout shop as I had heard they had a replacement patch, and they gave me a 4x6 strip of cloth with the lettering embroidered on it. I left dumbfounded....what the heck am I supposed to do with that?

    Ive seen several scouts with missing letters, its starting to become a pet peeve. Why hasnt BSA just issued a patch with the lettering on it (or have they, and I just fail at finding it) and fix the issue? I really dont want to have to buy another shirt

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    Take it to an alterations shop, best to find one that works with military uniforms. The seamstress will trim and fold it then sew it on so that no raw edges show. It may cost $5 or so, depending, but I'd rather starch and iron old pickle suits than try to sew on badges correctly.


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      I had this happen with a friend. I took my shirt (in pristine condition) to an alterations shop, and they were able to produce a new patch foreither $5 or $10. (I forget) I gave it to my buddy, and he had it sewn on his uniform. But start by asking them if they can, and showing them what you want. (some shops claim they know what you want...but a visual is always better)


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        I was fortunate. I heard about the problem with the letters falling off and asked the wife to embroider over the iron-on letters since I can embroider. Now the other modifications to the shirt, redoing the cuff buttons on the long sleeves and making it so that the right breast pocket actually buttons so that temp patches won't fall off, I did myself. Don't recommend the breast pocket alteration unless you have a OA flap to cover it up.


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          Sea Scouts and leaders often got to a shop and just have the wording embroidered on the shirt (since there is no BSA official shirt). It costs about the same as paying to have it sewed on.


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            National supply will replace the shirt if you ship it back. You will have to remove everything, as well as cleaning and pressing prior to shipment. The only times I know of this request being denied is what badge magic, glue, or some other permanent alteration has been done to the shirt. You can find the details on the nation supply division web site.

            With this having been said, I've had this issue and resolved it by taking an embroidered Boy Scouts of America strip off an older work out shirt, and sewing it on current ones. It takes about 10 mins to do this by hand, 5 by machine. IMHO, not work even opening the sewing machine.


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              I've seen it myself on several occasions. I was told that if this occurs (at our scout shop) the shirt can be returned for a new one