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    I've never been involved with a unit where it was ok for male members to not tuck In the uniform shirt, or attended a camp where this was ok. I've called more than a few scouts, and scouters, out on this, making sure the issue was resolved before they were allowed to continue participating in the program in question. In our home troop scouts and scouters are also expected to tuck in activity uniform shirts.

    A scout is clean, 11th point of the scout law. Wearing the uniform correcting is also one of the duties of every office in a Boy Scout Troop.


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      I have yet to find a uniform shirt for me that will stay tucked in. Every shirt I have worn since becoming an adult leader is too short, and any time I reach my arms above my head without fail it comes untucked.


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        Ever Notice how they are cut? They are not Cut to be worn tucked in...They Have No Tails to be Tucked in. They Are Straight cut to be worn Untucked. Meaning they are the Same length on Front, back and Sides. A Shirt Designed to be Tucked in have Longer Fronts and Backs with arched Sides

        I have the Same Problem with Shirts not staying Tucked in. They Need Long Tails or Longer Lengths.


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          There has never been a male scout uniform shirt that is not supposed to be tucked. That just goes to show how great those designers are at making our uniforms.. Good Job National . NOT