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Webelo unit numbers

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  • Webelo unit numbers

    Webelos unit numbers. When the Webelo does go to the tan shirt, do they continue with red numbers or go to the green and tan? I assumed green and tan so they would need to be replaced with the green and tan at boyscouts. But now I'm not so sure since I've seen pics of it both ways. Is there a right or wrong.?

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    As they are still cub scouts, Webelos should use the red unit numbers and blue shoulder loops.


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      Red while Cubs and depending on the shirt new centennial uniform - Green, older shirt - Red

      A historical shirt should have the proper colors, but I suppose no one would comment if one were to put green on the older shirt.



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        I agree the red are by the book, however some units switch shirts at Webelos II and in that case I would allow the parents to use green if they wanted to. I prefer a proper uniform, but my position code is not UP (uniform police). The SM at the troop still has the red numbers from his time as the CM. Encourage not chastise is my motto now.


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          Even if you go with the green numbers on the Webelos shirt, you may still end up having to change them if the Webelos does not go to the Troop owned by the Pack's CO, or if the CO has two different unit numbers.


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          There is an official answer and a practical one. I guess it depends on how much one hates sewing, Officially red until they cross but 80% of the Webelos 2 guys I see with the new tan shirts have green. But yes that is incorrect and the scout store may catch you on it. We just went with green as we were going over to a Troop with the same number.


          • sasha
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            My scout store recommends the green numeral patches. They certainly won't call anyone out for wearing the wrong color.

          • Tampa Turtle
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            Ours did it to me. Also saw staff jump on other newbie parents. Should have been handled more gracefully.

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          Ok here is the story of the Charlie Foxtrot known as the Centennial Uniform.

          From April 2008 to August 2008, literature said tan and green for anyone in the new shirts Cub Scout Leader, Webelos, Boy Scout, and Scout Leader. This was prior to the uniform coming out

          August 2008 until March or April 2009 THERE WAS NO OFFICIAL GUIDANCE FROM NATIONAL (caps for emphasis, not shouting). There was some "rumours" on this website and others that Cubs Scouts would still be in red, but when I called a national scout shop about this matter as i just became a CS leader, I was told by them to wear the tan and green numbers. Some literature in this period has tan and green, but some has red.

          May 2009 The Insignia Guide came out specifying that Cub Scout leaders and Webelos in the BS option uniform still wear the red numbers.

          AND to add more to this mess, the original literature stated that uniforms items from the ODL uniform and the centennial uniform are "mix and match."

          EDITED: So if you want to get technical, a Webelos or CS Leader in a Centennial Uniform with green on tan numbers is in a 'vintage August 2008-May 2009" uniform.
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          BTW according to the guidelines on "mix and match" the red numbers on Boy Scouts in the Centennial Uniform is allowed too.


          • PA Scoutmaster
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            Most of the troops in my area still use the red, with a lot of them still using the community strip instead of council patch. I always liked the community strip as a conversation starter at Summer camps and other multi troop events: "Oh, you're from anytown?"