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which leader uniform to wear

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  • which leader uniform to wear

    I am the Cubmaster of a Pack and CC of a Troop. Which uniform patch and shoulder loops should I use?

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    Just so I cover "all the bases": For Cubmaster: Blue Loops and Cubmaster patch. For CC: Green loops and CC patch. In other words, wear the uniform of whatever role your fulfilling at the moment! Your choice as to have one uniform or two. I have one uniform and I switch loops/patches for Pack Committee, Troop Committee Chair, and Chartered Org. Rep (Silver Loops)---it gets crazy! Thank God for Velcro!
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      I don't like velcro....

      I would wear the cubmaster uniform, because that is a more important role to the life of both units than CC for the troop, and not worry about switching patches for the CC for the troop.


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        I would probably stick with the CM role. That's the more public facing of the two.

        If you feel like having 2 uniforms, you can, but I wouldn't worry about it if you have other places to put your efforts and money toward scouting.


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          Yeah, I'm not so sure that a CC really needs a uniform from my perspective anyway. It seems like a behind the scenes position.

          Our CM is the troop's CC, and the troop's SM is the pack's CC. I've never seen them have the need to wear uniforms for the CC positions.


          • qwazse
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            Had one MC refuse to get a uniform. And to a point I agree. There's nothing that a committee should be doing that would require them to be in uniform. However, CC's often do find themselves at roundtables and such and sometimes it is handy to be able to find that guy with the same patch on his sleeve. If you're that kind of CC, then maybe you want to have a different shirt. Otherwise, someone trying to be sincerely helpful may see you with your cub uni and direct your to the wrong room when it's your night to be in the break-out session for troops.

            If that kind of thing doesn't bother you, stick with the cub uniform.

            Otherwise, has anybody ever tried gluing the blue epaulets inside the green ones so you could just flip from "Pack" to "Troop"?

          • jblake47
            jblake47 commented
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            Ya, know, qwazse, that's not such a bad idea.

          • dcsimmons
            dcsimmons commented
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            I ask my MC's to consider uniforms for Boards of Review and especially Eagle Boards of Review. I just think it reinforces the uniform for the scout. But, it's not a hill I choose to die on. For the OP, I'd go with one CM uni as has been suggested unless I had the money for the second uni. Not a fan of Velcro.

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          What happened to the red loops?


          • ADCinNC
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            Changed to the green loops with the Centennial Uniforms.

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          I'm a CC and I have a uniform that I wear for recruitment and in-person training. Otherwise, I don't feel a need to wear it. In your case, I'd probably go with whatever patch was already on the shirt or no position patch at all. Only fellow scouters will know the difference, and it will be less confusing to parents you may encounter in either role.


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            I am going with the no position patch for now. Remember those Cracker Jack lenticular prizes that switched images when tilted slightly ? That's what we need. Your postion is really just a matter of perspective.


            • blw2
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              great idea!

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            Our CC helped at our Round Up last night. He wore his troop uniform. I didn't even notice if he had his new SM patch or old ASM patch on it. Either way, it was totally appropriate me thinks.


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              I eventually gave in and bought extra shirts, it is nice to have an option when I need to wear it several days in a row. Last night my Webelos did a uniform inspection on me and busted me for wearing my district uniform to a Den meeting.