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    The West award is for supporting the Council endowment fund - an often overlooked fund. Generally speaking, the endowment funds are setup to never consume the principal but instead to serve as a basis for future income via interest, dividends, etc. - thus providing Scouting to future generations.

    Scouting costs money. It's not uncommon for people to overlook the Councils when deciding where to make financial contributions - it's pretty natural to say "I'll give this money to my pack/troop/crew". Who wouldn't say that? The expenses that a Council incurs, though, are vastly different (and deeper) than those that an individual unit may face.

    How about the Bechtel family? Did they buy the naming rights for the Jamboree and the newest High Adventure camp? Seriously, I can't understand why they would do that. lol. Yeah, $50M is a ton of cash. They could put their name on the side of my house, kids, and dog for that kind of money.

    Yes, I wear the West knot. I made a contribution and continue to do so because I think it makes a big difference - and I think the Council will be better stewards of the money that individual units. People ask me all the time what the knot is for and I use that as the opportunity to tell them that Scouting costs money and there are a number of ways that they can help.



    • Basementdweller
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      Your information is incorrect....Dan.....That endowment fund is used to make up shortfalls in the budget.......

      I believe it was Eamon, who is the forum member whom I consider to be the expert on council level scouting, he said that the west money is used for more than just an endowment. I wish the blasted search function worked I would provide a link to the thread

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    While some give b/c they know how important scouting is, there are some who are knot hungry. I know a guy who paid $4000 so that his entire family would all be West Fellows and wear the knot. I kid you not!

    Then there is the 50+ year SM who was honored with a West Fellowship by the troop members and alumni for everything he did for the troop over the years.

    Funniest West story, and one that probably all but 5 of the West Fellows don't even realize they are Fellows is the following. We had a very wealthy and generous donor pass away, leaving a very large sum to the endowment. The SE and DFS wanted to be #1 in James E West Fellowships and got permission to give the 5 full time support staff 1 support staffer who had just retired, and everyone who earned Eagle Scout that year a West Fellowship. Bet the 150+ Eagles don't know they can also wear the West Knot -


    • Basementdweller
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      I guarantee that it ended up on their resume...

      While your laughing about it......Using the endowment in that manner is inappropriate and shameful

    • Twocubdad
      Twocubdad commented
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      If the SE and DFS didn't spend the time and extra few bucks to present those JWFs they should have been charged with 150+ counts of fraud/larceny.

    • Eagle92
      Eagle92 commented
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      Base, While I agree it's an abuse, I rather that than the guy buying West Fellowships for the family.

      2 Cub, Oh they made sure people knew the Eagles were West Fellows, their names were added to the council's plaque. But I don't remember the certificates and knots being issued.

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    Interesting stories. The bottom line is, if somebody takes the time to nominate you for an award, you should at least have the decency to wear it, if nothing else to honor the person who thought enough to nominate you.