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Rank patches on the back of a MB sash?

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    I am utterly flabbergasted on the multitude of responses on this thread. Why not get the scouts in question a copy of the uniform guide, a needle and thread and let him go at it.

    Is there really no desire to wear the uniform properly anymore?


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      Cub scout dad and leader here.
      I think you are correct, not much desire to wear the uniform properly.
      Part of it I think is due to the conflicting or sketchy rules or traditions in place.
      But a bigger part I think, is the desire to change the definition of 'proper' to fit the indivdual's wants or needs.

      Re the subject of the thread, I persoanlly see no reason why a boy would want to display old rank patches at all. Makes no sense.

      I can however see the desire to display old temporary patches, event patches, etc... Not so much the generic non-descript patches that they are given without dates or names (like pinewood derby, or fire station tour), but the more custom ones they get from attending a special event or trip.

      My son is just starting his journey, but already, he has a temp patch or two that he has no good place to display.... His Cub O Ree campout from last year for example....

      Many of the cub scout patches and achievements could very well be carried over to boy scouts to show the long term achievements and commitment to the program. I might lobby the BSA for a change, but unfortunately it is not part of the program now, therefore i would not personally encourage or condone it.


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        Cubs have a "Brag Vest" to wear. Red felt, one can be purchased, or made. Plans are available on line. Recommend making it BIG for the lad to grow into. My Eagle Scoutson kept his, showed it off at his Eagle CoH.
        Cub Badges in Boy Scouts? Not appropriate. Wear the AoL bar on your Boy Scout uni, under the left pocket. That's good. Cub stuff on back of MBSash? How gauche.

        Almost like SM that has to wear Totin Chip on pocket flap.


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          Actually the "brag vest" is not a Cub Scout thing, but a Scouting thing as any member can wear one. Heck if memory serves, the vests were created to replace putting temp patches all over the red wool jsckets by Boy Scouts and leaders.


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            Yeah, but the vests would get worn less often even than the uniforms do here in Florida.
            The issue of putting things on the sash seems to me anyway, to stem from the desire to take pride in experiences and accomplishments.

            I think a patch jacket is a cool idea, in cooler climates where it could get some wear time.

            I've seen other organizations where the old timers would have jackets full of patches.... The EAA for example, where members get a patch for every fly-in or convention they attend. Each patch has the event name and the year.... They used to have contests at the conventions for the most patches or whatever....
            or the navy flight jackets where they collect cruise patches

            The blanket idea seems silly to this former scout, as does the frame. Not something that a boy would diplay or be able to show much....

            Gauch or not, I think back to when I was a boy, and I think that I would have liked to display a lineage.... take pride in my experience and accomplishments. that's part of the point of the uniform, isn't it?
            Maybe just me, but if the rules were changed, I don't think that it's inapropriate at all for a boy scout to display a series of cuboree patches or whatever.....


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              Actually what I think is best is a patch blanket poncho.

              Patches on jackets, with exception of a few, is verboten.