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  • Venture Patrol

    Has anyone else noticed in the new Guide to Awards and Insignia all references to Venture Patrols have been removed that were shown in the old Insignia Guide? I know I have heard rumors of killing off the the Venture Patrols, just wondering if this is the first step.

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    More like the final step.

    I noticed it too.

    They had already taken away the Venture/Varsity pins and letter from the Venture Patrol (now only the Varsity Scout Team can earn these, and they are listed in the book with the VS Team and NOT with the Boy Scouts). And never made a Venture Patrol Leader patch (they did have a Venture Crew Leader patch and a ASM-Venture patch when it was called the Venture Crew).

    I guess if they dropped mention of this in the SMHB and such, that would prove it.


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      See if parents who were scouts in the late 70s have their leadership corps emblems. Duplicate. Put on sleeves. They looked better anyway.

      IMHO, the device should be a ring (or arc) that fits around the usual patrol patches. So troop 1's VPat might be flaming arrows, but troop 2's might be bears. Or a troop with age-based patrols might promote the bears to VPat one year and and the flaming arrows the next. Or you could be allowed to be member in your original patrol and the VPat at the same time. (I think that was the original intention.) However ever it is set up is SM's prerogative. Just seems to me whatever patrol(s) should be identified in one place.

      Anyway, as long as the boys are recognized for "amping it up," it's all good.