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Neckerchiefs and collars

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  • Neckerchiefs and collars

    When I was a Cub and Boy Scout many moons ago, we either

    a) tucked our shirt collar in and wore the neckerchief w/slide
    b) got a BSA shirt without a collar

    Now some 30 years later, I see the collar being worn over the neckerchief, which made me yelp like a dog getting its tail stepped on.

    Which is correct? Under the collar? Collar tucked in?

    IMHO, if you want your collar out, get a bolo.

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    Since 1972, units can wear a necker under an open collar, or as James E. West stated was the correct way, over a tucked under collar. Or they don't need a necker, which surprises a lot of foreign scouts who visit.


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      What Eagle92 said.

      The main point is to not wear it on top of an open collar. Right there on my list of aggravations along with people who button the top button.


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        I always put my son's neckerchief over an his collar with the top button fastened. He is seven. He would never tolerate the collar tucked under. It wouldn't feel right. I don't like the neckerchief under the collar because it hides half of it. Most or our cub scouts wear their neckerchiefs, but I noticed that almost none of the Scouters wear a neckerchief. Almost everyone wears the top button open. I think it looks very sloppy.


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        mixed bag in my pack
        scouters - no necker
        boys are a mix of under the collar or over the collar. I don't think anyone tucks the collar under.
        I steer my son to put it on over the collar .... I'm pretty sure that the top button is done. I can't see where tucking it under would make any visible difference at all. The necker completely covers the collar.... except when he's bored and starts fiddling with the woggle.

        I do think I remember that when I was a boy, the shirts had no collar.


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          I am a necker renegade, over the collar. Don't bother with the top button because the woggle covers it up... Lost count of how many new parents have tried to tell me it needs to be tucked in.


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            I had thought I learned the reason for a neckerchief was to protect the neck from the sun and keep dust from getting in under the collor. This cannot be done without having the neckerchief over the collar. Call me old school, but I wear the necker over the collar


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              I'm old school enough (as I stated earlier) to tuck the collar under like I was taught.


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                I'm old school and wear the necker over the collar. In the summer time when it's really hot, I just get it wet with my canteen and it feels really good on the back of my neck, something that wouldn't do if it were under the collar. I use the necker as something that is function, not just looks pretty.



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                  As a cub/scout (1990-2000), we always wore it under collar. My father (ca. 1956-1962) said they always wore it over the collar. When I returned to scouting as a commissioner and picked up the new commissioner and eagle neckerchiefs that are "traditional" (32" half square), I realized that they were so big, that wearing them over collar made sense.

                  I roll the collar under and leave the top button unbuttoned. Is that the old tradition or am I supposed to button the top?

                  In my current troop, the scouts are expected to wear it under collar, while the adults wear it over collar with top button buttoned and collar points out.

                  On the uniform inspection sheet, it mentions top button unbuttoned, but I believe British practice is top button buttoned on full dress.


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                    Bottoning top button makes no sense to me. I'll stick with Insignia Guide on that one.


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                      If my COR actually enforces the pack's by laws which state that the necker is worn under the open collar, and says that I can no longer wear the proper pre-1972 way of over a tucked under collar then I will only have one alternative to do...

                      ... CUT OFF THE "ELVIS COLLAR!"


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                        I really wish BSA was more in touch with the international practice of always wearing a neckerchief, even in class Bs or civvies. It's a great visual tool for tracking your scouts. At summer camp near dinner time I just had to look around for red neckerchiefs with white borders. At other times, our green t-shirts weren't helpful since others wore green as well.

                        Now red/white neckers and green t-shirts, that would be a great way to keep track of your scouts.


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                          Let the PLC decide.......... Wasn't that the refrain last week?

                          There seems to be a disconnect on some issues.....

                          Just a few days ago there was three pages on if they had to wear a uniform.
                          I'm not going to get rolled up if a scout tucks it, sticks it under, or over. I'm glad he has it on!


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                            The challenge is this. BP made the necker a uniform item b/c it does help Scouts to "Be Prepared" b/c of its many uses. You go anywhere in the world and, with the exception of the BSA, the necker is 1 of 2 items that IDs you as a scout if you have uniform shirt on. The other item is the World Crest.

                            BUT as others have stated, the practice of wearing a necker in a T-shirt, or even without a shirt at all is a very common practice. I still have my '95 WSJ stamp that shows a scout in a necker and Smokey Bear.