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Region patches on uniform

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  • Region patches on uniform

    I was just looking through and noticed that they have the regional patches available. I remember our DE saying that he was going to give our committee some Western Region patches a month ago. Anyway, my question is, is this just a new gee gaw on the uniform or is this going to be another requirement? On Scout Stuff, it is listed under other cloth insignia
    Thanks for the responses.

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    I think the Region patch is normally only worn by someone working on a Regional committee.

    And they have been around for a very long time.(This message has been edited by bnelon44)


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      What bnelson says.

      Really, only those who hold a position at the Region/Area levels are supposed to wear the Region patches.

      Those on Jamboree staff who are staffing at that level are allowed to do this, but ONLY during the Jamboree.

      But, as noted, they've been selling regional patches (even regional jamboree patches) for some time. Doesn't mean you should wear it. (which is a mistake too many make: I got a patch, I must/deserve to wear it!)


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        Where it is most often seen is on the sleeve of local council professionals.


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          If memory serves, the reason why pro's wear them is that, although they work for and are employed by the council, the entire process goes through the region, and they are considered regional employees working on the council level.

          At least that is my recollection of the explanation many years ago.


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            This is what is stated in the insignia guide

            "This insignia is reserved for regional officers, regional committee members, local council professional Scouters, and national staff with a regional responsibility and is worn on the right sleeve in position 2. Adult regional world and national jamboree contingent staff and leaders may wear the insignia only during their assignment at the jamboree. The same rule applies to specifically designed regional insignia for a national event."


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              Thanks everyone! I am still new at this game and still trying to figure things out step by step. Being on this forum has really helped.


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                I wore a regional patch on my right pocket after completing training as a cub scout day camp director. I wore another patch above the pocket to indicate that I completed the training, but the regional patch went on the pocket designated for "temporary" insignia. I wore it because it was cool, it had a horse that almost looked like a unicorn, and no one else I knew had one like that. Today I wear it on the back of my jacket, and I keep my pockets clear of patches.