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    Don't ya just hate that?! These are the example setters, and they don't care. Then it's time to replace them. If unit leaders want to mess with the rules, that's their problem, but district and council trainers need to know better.


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      Both the online IG and the 2010 printed version match. Only female leaders may wear temporary insignia above the right pocket. Another example of inattention to detail leading to the uniform inspection sheet not conforming to IG regulations. As the IG is the source document for the inspection sheet, I would follow the IG.


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        No disresprect intended, But would you mind posting a link to your online IG?

        When I look it up here

        It still shows the ODL uniform from the pre-2009 version of the print IG.



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          Online Insignia Guide

          IG page for temporary insignia

          Scroll down to the temporary insignia heading

          2010 uniform inspection sheets

          Scroll partway down the page.

          I apologize for not making these links- haven't figured out how to do that yet.



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            Thanks for the links. FYI they are the pre-2009 IG since they mention the yellow blouse which has been discontinued. Also if you look around the various pages, it shows the ODL uniform, makes no mention to the Centennial Uniform, i.e. color of numbers, etc.

            Unfortunately national has folks in supply with little to no field experience, trust me I use to work for them and you can lookat some of the catalogs that have come out, as well as other divisions. Just look at the Venturing promo video for jambo and the actress with patches all over the uniform.


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              I think sewing on a temporary patch is self defeating.

              Some of the adults on this forum remind me of my son. He was very proud of earning the Paul Bunyan Woodsman award. As his Scoutmaster, I presented the award/patch to him at a COH. At home he asked me where it was supposed to go on his uniform. I told it, it isn't suppose to go on your uniform. Well he didn't like it and at an OA meeting he met a Scout who had the patch sewn on above the BSA knots he had earned (above right pocket). Well, I will say that was one patch he had sewn on himself!

              That was a battle I chose not to pick.


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                I expect that the yellow/blue cs female leader uniform will continue to be mentioned for awhile as it is still widely available. Unlike the Nylon Centennial uniform, it has not been steeply discounted or moved to closeout.

                The uniform sheets show patch placement for the sleeve for both the ODL/microfiber and the Centennial uniforms, as well as show one woman in the yellow/blue version.

                I have heard that a new Awards/Insignia Guide is in the works
                National definitely needs a technical advisor for all photographs. Can't tell you how many errors I've spotted. of(This message has been edited by ZScout5)(This message has been edited by ZScout5)


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                  Don't bother emailing national about the mistakes, they will ignore you.

                  Facebook is better.