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Pants VS Shorts

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    This is what I was wondering,. Seems to be more personal preferance than actually use for the most part. Didn't know if it was just me or not. I like shorts, I just prefer to wear pants. The socks to the knee I do under my pants wearing boots, but I just do not see me wearing them to the knee with shorts. Once again, just my preferance.
    By the way, camp temps hovering at 100 next week and I will only be wearing shorts to swim.


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      I have the switchbacks.

      They are awesome. Spend a week at camp with them.

      In the early morning it can be chilly ouit ( if you are lucky) Have them in pants mode. Finish with colors and head back to camp and unzip the legs as it is strating to warm uyp.

      Spend day around camp doing camp type stuff.

      Next day, might be chilly and wear them as pants again. After colors, unzip legs for the day.

      If it's hot and humid, I wear them as shorts. If we go hiking in tick territory, I'll zip the legs back on. Same thing if there are alot of those tiny briar vines.

      If we are hiking in a relativly tick free , briar free zone, zip them off.

      I wear these same pants at pack meetings and CoH's too - in pants mode.

      WEar them to RT's as poants except in August.

      Nice thing is they are two pairs in one. I do not have to pack both shorts AND pants.

      Next thing that I love are the supplex shorts. You can wear them as uniform shorts, class b shorts or swim trucnks.

      They proved themselves at camp: Boys would go swimming, then rinse off. By the time they walked across camp to next MB session, shorts were dry. This gave scouts extra time to talk, go to trading post or just take time going to next MB session without having to go back to campsite to change clothes.


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        I grew up in West Texas and wore scout shorts year round. I don't think I owned a pair of scout pants.

        Now, in Colorado, I have switchbacks and the new canvas shorts. The shorts are better shorts than the switchbacks.


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          Depends on climate... In TX & IL, I stuck with pants. In AZ, shorts.

          On treks, depends on climate. Bugs and brush? Pants. Trail without bugs and brush? Shorts.

          At summer camp? Shorts.


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            Like the other Arizonians, I favor shorts for as long as possible (111 degrees here some days), but don't like the long socks. They make me feel like I should be wearing a pith helmet and drinking quinine water and vermouth on a veranda in the Punjab (not that there's anything wrong with that.)

            I have a friend, though, who went hiking through high grass around Gary, Indiana, in shorts, picked up a tick, and got full blown Lyme Disease which has made his life miserable. It makes me reconsider wearing long pants.


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              Due to my time in the military, I got used to wearing long pants and boots in the heat, so I continue to do so