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Properly wearing the OA sash on the uniform

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    Wow did this thread go off topic. The topic was wearing the OA sash properly and we ended up talking about shoulder loops.


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      John, good point, and guilty as charged. Might be time to circle back, and have some pie and coffee.


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        OKAY I bought the 2008 Edition and No where does It say that the Sash can not be "Carried" or "Stored" on the Belt

        So Apparently this is just an interpretation of the Rules..
        And as a strict interpretation that the Sash can only be worn and Never Carried or Stored while in Uniform

        again I will restate that in the 1980's I was instructed by my Lodge Only to wear the sash at OA Functions or representing OA at a Scouting Function otherwise we could carry the sash when in Uniform on our Belts with it folded with the Arrow pointed up.

        And The reason why we have different sashes is to distinguish Members from each other..You can not tell anything about a person just by looking at them..Ever Flap looks the Same for each member so when OA members see a Flap they Say Lodge Member..When They see the sash they say Ordeal, Brotherhood or Vigil


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          jpstodwftexas- there is the thing with BSA uniform regs.

          If you are looking for a rule that says "you can't wear x" or the like, you will probably not find it. Uniforming rules very rarely say you can't wear something. I think I have seen about a handful of uniforming rules of that form.

          What you have to find is a rule that says its ok to wear something, or wear it in the location you'd like.

          But the OA sash can NOT be worn on the sash. This is found in the Insignia Guide, and you can read it on-line.

          This is the page on OA insignia. At the top with the sashes it says: "(OA sash is never worn on belt or with merit badge sash.)" This is one of the rare cases of a uniforming rule that says you can't do something. A second example is here as well, forbidding the wearing of 'legend sashes' on the back of the sashes.

          So pretty definitive, I think.

          You were misinformed as a youth. Get over it. Move on. And follow the rules.


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            I presume your lodge also told you where on the belt to store it. Did they do the same for the merit badge sash? Is the OA sash folded a certain number of times, or can it simply be worn over the belt without folding it first?
            Instead of assuming that nobody here knows what they're talking about, including those who quote from the OA Handbook, the Insignia Guide, and a memo from the National Chair, why don't you contact your old lodge and ask them for a ruling.
            Let's ask this question just for fun. If the Insignia Guide (or whatever) stated that the red jacket is not be worn around the waist, what would that mean to you? I'd have to assume you'd say, "I'm not wearing it around my waist. I'm storing it."
            I'm asking myself why I'm writing this. It's a foolish argument.


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              I wear my OA sash under my hat, along with my dutch oven. I keeps my neck strong and I don't get accused of showing off. Also, since nothing in the BSA literature states I can't do this, it mush be okay.


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                My Old Lodge is My Current Lodge..

                None of the Lodge Council or even Lodge Advisers have said anything about me having the sash on my Belt...when attending OA Functions..

                Since I am an Adult I won't have to worry about wearing it Much anyways.
                Even if wearing Regalia The Book only says Youth in Ceremonial

                If it really mattered I guess I could inquire this coming Friday at Tap out..but hey I am just a Dues Paying Card Carrying member which it seems that the Only Functions most OA Adults serve anymore.

                I guess no one looked at the Photo of the politician looking to be elected wearing the OA Sash pointed down over the left shoulder wearing the Merit Badge Sash over the right shoulder


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                  "..You can not tell anything about a person just by looking at them..Every Flap looks the Same for each member so when OA members see a Flap they Say Lodge Member.."

                  Did you ever think that that may be the point? After the ordeal, all candidates become full members of the order, regardless of the honors they later achieve.


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                    The politician is obviously not in a proper uniform. How does a picture of someone so obviously out of uniform bolster your position. That is just silly.


                    • who said i was using it to bolster?


                      • Then what exactly was the point? Anything? If there was one, I didn't get it. It was so stupid, nobody chose to comment on it. Why bring it up again??
                        Tell you what ... since you're a card-carrying adult Arrowman, you just wear your ol' sash any way you like. What was the point of asking? You got your answer. Now go do as you wish.
                        Was there a point to your asking? A point to anything??


                        • Ya know, it just occured to me. Maybe they politician wasn't making a big mistake after all. He could have been storing his sash, and it therfore wouldn't matter where it was or how stored. Maybe the "top" of it was tucked into his belt, and he just misunderstood the rules about how to properly store it. Who are you or we to judge? I stand corrected. There's nothing in the Insignia Guide that says you can't store your sash with the arrow pointing down.


                          • Attitudes and posts like these, It is no wonder why Scouting and OA is dying off and so is the Posting of New Members. A few Egotistical Members have to act like two year olds and run off people. I know where yall store your heads


                            • The uniforming guide says the OA sash should only be worn over the right shoulder. From the guide it states: worn over right shoulder, under epaulet of tan shirt. (OA sash is never worn on belt or with merit badge sash.)

                              What is this tan shirt that is referenced?

                              jpstodwftexas - It is a common occurrence on this forum for someone to pose a question about "proper" behavior, the correct answer is given and then selected folks jump on those who provided the correct answer by calling them uniform police, not having the best interest of the boys at heart and other similar red herrings. Wearing the sash on the belt is incorrect - regardless of who or how many do may wear it that way or if someone points it out to someone or not.

                              Now I have a question for you. Why the random capitalization of words?(This message has been edited by acco40)


                              • When you find yourself looking in the insignia guide in reference to anyone's uniform other than your own, you've lost perspective.