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  • Rank pins - Eagle

    This post got me thinking...

    What do the troops who still use the rank pins do for Eagle Scouts that earn Eagle at, say, 15 or 16 and will be in the troop for a few years yet? I don't believe there is an eagle rank pin available from national right now, as there are for all other ranks; one wouldn't presumably wear the medal in this case since the medal is only for formal occasions.

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    Good question, I have no idea. But maybe they would wear the medal? I know at Ordeals, I see one young man with his medal on, and he may come from a troop that wears the pins.

    Me personally I wish the following:

    A) all the rank pins corresponded to the size of the emblem on the patch
    B) Scout wore their rank pin instead of the First Class Scout Rank Pin, which is still resatricted if memory serves BUT is also the only pin scouts can wear on Smokeys and Expedition hats.


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      I think they should just wear the badge. They could wear the lapel pin if the Troop is adamant, a bit small but better than wearing the medal all the time.


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        SO few kids wear the campaign hat I think it is a none issue. My understanding was everyone was to wear the universal pin except, First Class and up who were to wear the First Class pin.


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          Nope, all youth, irregardless of their actual rank wear the First Class Rank Pin.

          The Universal Hat Pin is officially called the "ADULT (emphasis) Universal Hat Pin." Insignia guide also staes it's for adults only.

          And the First Class Rank pin, as well as the Adult Universal Hat Pin, can be worn on the Expedition Hats, aka brimmed hats, and some of the older Stetsons that came out a few years back. One the local Scouts loves his official uniform Stetson.


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            After rethinking this, I don't think the troop can trump the Eagle Scout's right to wear the cloth badge. The other ranks have an option of badge or pin. Eagle does not. Medals are for formal occasions.


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              "First Class rank, cloth, gold on tan, No. 00418; large standard metal pin, No. 00017; Boy Scout, left pocket; center front of campaign hat and expedition hat."

              After looking at this I interpret it to mean Scouts wear nothing on the hats until they earn First Class then they may wear the First Class pin or nothing. As you said it is a restricted item so how would you order it for a Scout before he earn it anyways?


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                Which edition of the Insignia guide is your reference from? The one on National's website,
                there is no option for a metal pin; however, I do believe that is the 07-08 IG; I'm not sure what the 09-10 (or later) IGs state.


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         has the reference to the AOL Pin.

                  Saw your link and find it interesting that the IG doesn't mention the Rank Pins. Although Supply makes them, calls them rank, and restricts them. see these link



         NOTE IT DOESN"T SAY IT IS RESTRICTED AT THIS LINK, but it does at another link I saw the other day, but it didn have this URL and I cannot find it now.



                  AND Now it looks like they make an Eagle Rank Pin

         They didn't have this up the other day, and notice that it is NOT restricted at this time,or at least on the website. Probably an error.


                  When the policy changed to allow all scouts to wear the First Class Rank Pin irregardless of their actual rank, national supply got a memo on it to all supply employees ( but it didn't say anything about removing the restriction OR that the folks did NOT have to have paperwork; we had folks fill it out still), it was published in the various sales catalogs (this was when they actually showed correct uniforms and placement unlike today's), and it was in the IG if memory serves. I remember the memo b/c I was one of the folks questioning having them wear the rank pin, but still keeping the restriction.


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                    Thanks for the info. That is very strange indeed.


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                      Thanks E92. I think I saw this one awhile back, but thought it was a lapel pin or something since the description is lacking.


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                        I know they make a lapel pin as well. It may very well be it, and not lsited as such. I hate to say it, but national supply does employ folks with little to no background on Scouting.

                        True story as an example. I was part of a pilot program for national to run trading posts at summer camp. My boss had limited expereince in scouting, and had no idea how summer camps operate, schedule, etc. I was told I had carte blanche to create a shop: I could create schedules, inventory, shop design, etc. Only thing I had in the form of limitors I was told were national SOPs and health regs.

                        Well I come up with all that and submit it to the boss. Every single thing I wrote I had to defend and explain why. Boss started asking my coworkers abotu summer camp b/c their sons were in scouting, and the asnwer I love best was, "How the [heck] would I know, I've never been to summer camp with my son. [Eagle92] is the summer camp guy, ask him." So the first summer was very intersting with lots of wasted time, space taken up with merchandise that didn't sell, and shortages of supplies I knew we needed.

                        Luckily the second year was better, but I also had computerized reports to back up everything I said from the previous year. Boss still had no idea what summer camp was like, until they got selected to work Jambo.


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                          1. Wear the cloth patch day to day. It can be made into a dangler by sewing a loop on it, or
                          2. Buy an Eagle medal on e-bay and wear that one most of the time, and save the original for "nice," or
                          3. Wear the Eagle Neckerchief or the Eagle Bolo, or
                          4. Make sure that there is a darn good pocket and put the Eagle Medal in the pocket when it will interfere with the backpack straps, the lifejacket or whatever.


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                            Jay K, good advice. Economy being what it is, Eagle medals are going for a song on ebay right now, compared to what they were a few years ago.


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                              OK, so I am still confused with the hat pin for adults. I am a Cubmaster and an Eagle Scout. I was recently given a campaign hat as a gift. Mine is the military style with an olive drab hat band and leather strap. I'm considering ditching the leather strap for either a blue (for Cub Scouts) or green (for Boy Scouts) acorn band. My research leads me to conclude that my only option as an adult is the Universal Hat Pin. I must say, I find it pretty dull as far as hat pins go, and now that I see there is an Eagle Rank Pin (Pin Rank ES), I wonder if I can wear this on my campaign hat in lieu of the Universal Pin? I should also point out that I proudly wear my Eagle knot on my Class A, and it remains my opinion that my boys should know that their leader is an Eagle. Am I overthinking this and my head is too big? Or can I wear the Eagle Rank Pin and not get any grief from the professional scouters?