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Best "unofficial" pants ???

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  • Best "unofficial" pants ???

    I've tried on every type of scouter pants at our local scout store, but either the cut is bad for me, or material is not great, ect.

    Has anyone found a pair of pants that is a match in color for "official" pants, and fits well ? I am looking for cargo/outdoor wear.

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    Great question! I'm looking too.


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      I like the duluth trading company fire hose pants. Wear like iron for banking around camp taking care of business, but are too heavy and hot for summer hiking, backpacking or camping.


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        WalMart carries Dickies canvas work pants in an olive color.
        They cost $25.00 and will wear forever.


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          I try to always wear the official pants, but for cold weather outings, I really like the army surplus M1951 wool trousers...they are durable, warm, and a very close match (color wise) to the wool Oscar De La Renta trousers formerly issued by the BSA.

          I bought a pair at a surplus store for $10 years ago; I see them on eBay for a wide range of prices.


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            North Face Paramount Peak Convertible. Not cheap but they wear like iron. New Taupe color matches the BSA pants.


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              Went to Walmart to look at the Dickies... the are similar to carpenter work pants, and very heavy.

     has their North Face Paramount pants - the New Taupe Green color for $45.50 so I ordered a pair. I'll let everyone know how they fit. REI and other sites list them at $75.


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                I second Rover Scout's suggestion of the M1951 wool trousers...they are superb. I had a pair when I was a scout in AK...tough, warm pants.


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                  Growing up I had a pair of OD BDU trousers for awhile.


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                    Eagle92, what did you think of the BDU pants?

                    I like the BDU pants in warmer weather...good hiking thru thick brush and such. Tough too. In the cold prefer the old M1951's because they were made with really superb wool.


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                      Really, there is no replacement for the official pants. It is a well kept secret, but the National Supply Division will alter the pants for you if you send them your measurements

                      One should never wear military style BDU pants with the Scout uniform.


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                        In SE LA, it doesn't get that cold so they were just fine. I still use utility trousers when I'm going to be doing stuff and do not want to risk ruining the uniform ones. But Ido think the Switchbacks, esp the Gen I types with the zippers in the lower legs, are AWESOME! (and yep that's me screaming at ya ) Wore my pair all weekend at training.

                        Now one time I had a BSA function immediately following a JROTC one. In fact as soon as the JROTC ended, I skipped out of the reception to go to the BSA one. I ended up wearing my green poly-wool trousers to the BSA ceremony. Looked pretty spiff with BSA shirt, belt with Skill Awards, and JROTC pants and patent leather shoes


                        Yep you shouldn't, but some folks cannot afford the complete uniform right away. I think it took me 3-4 years before I had a complete uniform, and then it was hand-me-downs. I had to buy the uniform piecemeal, and when I finally had a complete uniform, I had a lot of pride in it. In fact I never had a brand new uniform until I worked for supply.

                        Also the Made To Order Uniforms require you to buy 2 pairs of each item to be made, and the price is much higher than the off the shelf uniform. I don't remember the exact cost, but the uniforms I had to order for one customer cost him between $150-$200 for both uniforms,about $25-$50 more per uniform item than off the shelf ones. And it can take between 6-8 weeks to receive them.

                        Me personally I would not buy an alternative pair of pants more than the cost of the official ones.


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                          I just wanted to point out that the insignia guide and the congressional charter of BSA prohibits wearing uniform parts that imitate the military uniform so clearly wearing BDUs is out. From the guide:

                          "b.Imitation of United States Army, Navy, or Marine Corps uniforms is prohibited, in accordance with the provisions of the organization's Congressional Charter."


                          • jblake47
                            jblake47 commented
                            Editing a comment
                            IMITATIONS of the US military are prohibited, not the real thing, think Sea Scouts.....

                            The BSA is the only non-military organization authorized to wear US military uniforms if they so choose.


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                          Just received my Northface pants. The fit is great, the color is just pretty much right on, and they zip off just at or just below the knee.

                          I wish the official pants would have fit, but after all different sizes and styles I had to get these.


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                            The problem is not price or fit for me. I've had three pair rip. Yeah, I exchanged them, but it gets old. Very old. The old official pants NEVER torn or worn out. They went for years and years. The material in the new pants is just not that durable.

                            I've given up on the official pants.