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    This is a common part of Camporee and Summer Camp competitions in most councils. The uniform is your scouting resume, and should be assembled correctly. As much as many of us may have things we would change about what insignia goes where, we dont get to make our own rules.

    As far as uniform police, I gently point the youth in the correct direction while praising the accomplishment in question.

    Adults are a different story, I kindly point out whats incorrect, choosing a private moment. If its a big thing, and they keep doing it, I flag them as someone who is not a team player, and not with the program. Its good to know what to expect from a scouter before tapping them for position, and recommending/approving them for recognition.

    The uniform is your scouting resume, show pride and put your best foot forward. You can only make one first impression.


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      "if you're not wearing the scout uniform, you're not supposed to wear a Scout hat"

      Says who? I think most uniforming issues happen when people make up rules.


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        I have more than one shirt for summer camp -- I put a different temporary patch on each. It'd be cool if I could wear them all at once, but then my uniform would look like a big merit badge sash -- every square inch covered with patches.

        Basically, youth all pretty much look the same with their patches and all. Sure, you might have a different rank insignia, a different unit number, a different temporary patch etc., but the differences are pretty subtle (although you might have a rope thingy hanging from your epaulette, a quality unit patch, maybe even an arrow of light patch or OA patch or something, but all youth basically all look the same).

        It's pretty much only the adults that can really wear all their adult accomplishments all at the same time. I mean, look at the knots:
        2 Cub Scout knots (youth religious knot earned as a Cub Scout and the Arrow of Light)
        A handful of Scout knots (Eagle, Venturing Silver, Quartermaster, Hornaday, youth religious knot, Medal of Merit, etc.)
        Then there's like x4 the number of adult knots compared to the Scout knots that basically all show how much experience/training you have doing whatever it is that you got the knot for (plus the two "make a donation" awards).


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          "if you're not wearing the Scout uniform, you're not supposed to wear a Scout hat"
          "Says who? I think most uniforming issues happen when people make up rules."

          "In any informal indoor activ�ity where no official ceremony is involved, the headgear is removed as when in street clothes." Again, though, I still sometimes wear a Scout hat when I'm not wearing any other part of the uniform, so I'm not castigating anyone for doing that (otherwise I'd be a bit hypocritical). Nobody's perfect.

          To give the full context:
          "Headgear Regulations
          Official headgear may be worn while the unit or individual is participating in an indoor formal ceremony or service duty, except in religious institutions where custom forbids. Typical indoor activities of this type are flag ceremonies, inspections, orderly duty, or ushering service. In any informal indoor activity where no official ceremony is involved, the headgear is removed as when in street clothes. The Scouter dress uniform is always worn without headgear. Pins may be worn on the jamboree hat but only while at the jamboree, and Webelos activity badges may be worn on the Webelos cap. As part of the First Class Emphasis, the large standard metal pin, No. �00017, has been reinstated as an option to the cloth First Class rank badge. The large pin also may be worn only by boys on the front of the campaign hat, No. �501, and the expedition hat, No. �637. Adults may wear the adult universal hat pin, No. �50150, on the campaign hat and the expedition hat. No other pins may be worn on official headgear of the BSA."


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            as to the hats... is that for all scouts or scouters or does it mention a difference for women? women do not have to remove hats in many situations where men do - mainly because in the olden days where they were pinned on. Now saying that I always do as they boys are suppose to since I am suppose to set an example. But just curious.


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              I don't need hat regulations quoted to me. I've read it before, but thanks.
              What I was referring to was the "rule" you stated regarding wearing a Scouting related hat without a uniform. What did the quote have to do with that? Where did the rule come from?


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                I said:
                "In any informal indoor activity where no official ceremony is involved, the headgear is removed as when in street clothes."

                So how does the quote matter? "Blah, blah, the headgear is removed as when in street clothes." Grammatically, it's the same as saying something like, "When giving a tatoo, the skin should first be disinfected as when donating blood." The only thing we might disagree on is whether or not you shouldn't wear the uniform hat when in "street clothes" only while doing an informal indoor activity, or also when doing something outside completely unrelated to Scouting. Even so, as I said, I'm not picking on anyone for wearing a Scout hat when in normal clothes doing ordinary things in life (since I do that).

                Where did the rule/quote come from? It's part of the Insignia Guide on the official Scout site -- I linked to it.

                As I said:
                "Members should make every effort to keep their uniforms neat and uncluttered." I have many things that I've earned in Scouting that I'd love to show off, but only a few things go on the uniform -- mostly the things on the uniform are about the same for everyone. The uniforms aren't a brag vest, where you show off everything you've ever earned. Some awards go on swim trunks, some are actually sewn on equipment, some go on the uniform, most are just left at home.

                It's not a uniform police thing, or a desire to squash other people's fun. I mean, I don't wear the proper uniform all the time either. For instance, if you're not wearing the scout uniform, you're not supposed to wear a Scout hat, but occasionally I do wear my hat with normal clothes.

                The insignia guide says:
                "Consider displaying temporary insignia in ways other than on the official uniform. Here are some suggestions:
                "Wear it on a BSA red patch vest, campfire robe or blanket, or special neckerchief.
                "Display it on a wall plaque, trophy hide, or mounted in a frame.
                "Or, make a special neckerchief slide, sectional totem pole, or flagpole insignia for display."

                Whatever floats your boat though.


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                  It seems to me that this is referring to the custom (now often ignored) of not wearing hats indoors.


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                    Yes, that is indeed how that particular segment begins in that specific paragraph of rules. It does indeed start off talking about wearing hats while indoors.


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                      Is there a standard NYLT patch (the blue & red square) or is it based on individual councils? I have a scout (not mine) who has gone to the training for the past two years, but never received the actual universal NYLT patch. He has multiple certificates and three council level patches. Is there a difference?

                      When I finally found the patch I was looking for, it said it could only be ordered through the council with the proper paperwork!?!


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                        Yes, there's one standard patch. Many councils use it, just as many other councils use their own. I'd have to assume that your council uses a locally chosen name for its NYLT course (something like "Brown Sea"), and there's no need for the generic patch. Is it restricted? No, but different Scout Shops handle patches in different ways. In some stores you can pick up an Eagle square knot off the shelf. In others, they'll be behind the counter, and in some you'll need proof to be able to buy one.
                        It's none of my business, but it doesn't sound to me as though you need it. These patches are normally distributed to those who've earned them from the course they took. It's not a unit advancement issue.


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                          "I'd have to assume that your council uses a locally chosen name for its NYLT course (something like "Brown Sea"), and there's no need for the generic patch."

                          Councils are no longer allowed to call their NYLT course something else. This policy was ended several years ago and is clearly stated in the course materials and course directors are supposed to follow this. ALL councils should be calling their NYLT course "NYLT" and nothing else.

                          Also, its Brownsea. One word.


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                            Well, pardon me.
                            It seems clear to me that her council is using another name and another patch, so I'm trying to clarify it for her.
                            And just for the fun of it, put an apostrophe in "it's."


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                              What happens if a Council, with the Scout Executive and training committee's permission, decide to call their NYLT course something other than "National Youth Leadership Training" and also decide not to apply for bead recognition for their adult staff (I don't think I can refer to them as "Wood Badge Beads" any longer, because you can get third and fourth beads without staffing a Wood Badge course). People are saying that it is "not allowed" but I have never heard the consequences.


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                                By the way BDPT00, I think "its" without an apostrophe is the possessive use, "it's" with the apostrophe is for a contraction (it is).'s - I believe emb021 is correct in his usage.