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Neckerchiefs- - Over or Under?

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    We encourage the wearing of Cass A uniforms for Cub at all events with the exception of camp activities during the day, They are required to wear the uniform to and from the camp out and at Scouts Own. When asked about wearing the utility uniform to den meetings, we simply point to the books and ask the scout to show us anywhere in the book a scout is seen wearing a utility shirt


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      njeagle92 commented Your Pack need not go overboard with uniform inspections. Make a game of it. Call up the ones who set good examples, but don't call out the ones who don't.

      I certainly don't remember such a thing as inspections when I was a kid, and have never seen one, so I don't have a model to follow. It might be interesting to see how others do them. Might help to make it seem more palatable.


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        That's pretty much how our pack has historically done it..... I hate using the non-standard terms that are becoming standard....
        Class A's for pack meetings
        and Class B's for den meetings or outings.

        The subject of buying more t-shirts came up at our committee meeting last night. I couldn't help myself..... had to point out that I think we could do a better job of encouraging proper uniforms, to help facilitate the sense of belonging, pride in scouting, display of awards, sense of accomplishment, etc... that the uniform method brings.
        Don't think I convinced anyone.


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          My first pack had scouts do an inspection with the inspection sheets at every pack meeting. A tootsie roll if you were correct and push-ups if you were not. Push-ups are considered hazing by national now and discouraged. But the boys liked it and had fun with it. My last two packs have not done any inspections. I personally like the idea of doing away with t shirts, but that is not the culture now. Sigh. It floored me when a Air Force Major's wife complained out the uniforms.


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            I should put 'inspections' in quotes... "Inspections". My Pack is on the larger side- about 70 boys comprising 8 dens- Tigers through Weblos 2. We don't line em up and walk the ranks. During our Pack meetings, one or two parents/assistant Cubmasters wil casually look around and make a mental note of which dens are in uniform. We meet in the school auditorium and so we have the benefit of seating scouts in rows by den with Tigers up front, then Wolves, Bears, Weblos with the parents/akelas in the back rows. We leave it to the den leaders to keep watch of their scouts. We sit the parents in back because they make too much noise. Towards the end of our Pack meeting, a parent will signal the den number who best represents the proper wearing of the uniform. We'll bring them up on stage (that is its own reward) and we will point out the basics: hat, necker, Class A tucked in, belt- and we leave it at that. Our cubs wear jeans or blue shorts. Maybe one kid out of 50 will show up in scout pants. Kids grow too fast! We award our totem mascot, the kids jump up and down, and the Pack as a whole gets an idea of our uniform expectations. There's alot more to our award of the totem mascot and a nice story that ties it to the wearing of a uniform, scout spirit, group identity, etc. We usually tell the story once in September and once again at the B&G in February. We dont force pushups and we dont shame the ones out of uniform (a sign of kinder, gentler times I suppose), but a little positive reinforcement goes a long way. Our Class B's are simple Cub Scout blue tshirts with our Pack number on the front and an American flag and "Do Your Best!" on the back. The Pack gives one Class B tshirt to every boy and more are available for purchase. We have mom and dad sizes too.


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              As a Unit Commish, when I visit my Pack, I always make mention of the boys that are well uniformed. If a Den is in good uniform, I will publicly congratulate them for their "Scout Spirit". I never downplay or castigate a Cub for his lack of uniform. I will, however, comment to the parent if his patches are out of place or such. Now , if the shirt needs tucking in, I will sometimes lean down as I pass the Cub in the hall before the meeting and whisper "tuck your shirt in, Scout" and watch the Cub look up at me in surprise and quickly tuck it in!
              I too shake my head at the new necker and hat each year, and last year my Pack decided the yellow necker and "Bear" hat was all they needed for all four years.


              • dedkad
                dedkad commented
                Editing a comment
                I believe I read on here recently that a tucked-in shirt is not a requirement.

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              I have only three rules for my troop.

              #1 - Safety first
              #2 - Look and act like a Scout
              #3 - Have fun

              My boys wear the full field uniform for all scout activities. During summer camp we relax the rule #2 as long as they aren't abusing the privilege. Most of the guys like to buy a new camp shirt and wear that for the week. We blend rule #2 and #3 for summer camp attire. However, at all flag ceremonies, inspection level uniform is the norm. That includes their staffs, patrol and troop flag and total silence. How as SM do I enforce this? Don't have to, the accolades of others do it for me.