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Neckerchiefs- - Over or Under?

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    >>>>Some units still have the adults in ties.


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      BnG next year?


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        I have an official (BSA) green tie that I wear to more formal events, and an official blue one from my Cubmaster days that I don't wear anymore. Being District, connected to no unit, I suppose I can wear my neckerchief (have several of those but don't own a necker) as I prefer - over OR under. (My preference is over - with the collar folded under - anything else just looks goofy to me.)(This message has been edited by Woapalanne)


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          Anyone else wear theirs both over and under? I usually put mine at the back of my collar (over) then when I bring it around front the open lapels of my shirt hang out to the side and I usually tuck the neckerchief under those lapels. So I guess my answer is, "both".


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            Eagle 92, James Wests policy was superceeded by a new policy in 1972, and is no longer controling. Quoting outdated regs will not help the op. Neckerchief wear is determined by the unit now, they can opt to wear over or under; tucked or untucked; tied or untied; or even not at all. The ultimate authority in the units wear of the neckerchief is the Charter Org currently. If we still followed eary 1900s policy this would be a vastly differnet program, the times have changed. Disagrement with change does not excuse providing incorrect information.


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              Hi Old OX!

              If you go back to my Monday, 3/28/2011: 10:32:49 AM post, the third response to the OP, I do note that West's memo was superceded, much to my chagrin as I am an old Fogey .

              Now grant you the Monday, 3/28/2011: 8:23:48 PM post may have been a little subtle on the matter. Plus you had to read one of the posts above it as well as know a little BSA history,the CSE at that time resigned b/c of the Urban Emphasis, to get the fact that units decide, so mea culpa on that one.


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                Thanks for setting me straight on your posts Eagle92, no offence was intended. In as far as West, and the history, I already was aware. As you can guess, Ive got a bit of pepper in my salt, lol. Eagle class of 83 here, always nice to meet another eagle! In as far as West, we differ in how we see him. The urban move, was one of the worst strategic moves on BSA history, my opinion. West, on the other hand, in my opinion, brought more bad then good to BSA, also my opinion.

                The movement needed a professional to get it going, but Ive always felt West was the wrong guy, and perhaps the worst stratigic move BSA ever made, to bad Uncle Dan wouldnt/couldnt take the job. Ill not side track the thread by opening that can of worms further


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                  Actually I need to research West more to have a more thorough opinion. I know the early years of the BSA had it's "challenges," and that BSA history book on the early is on to read list.

                  But besides the necker issue, you gotta admit that the best thing he did was hire William "Green Bar Bill" Hillcourt to write for the BSA.


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                    +2 for that one!


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                      If you watch the really old newsreel video on skeptics link in the Scouting History thread, you'll see nothing but 'Over' for the neckerchiefs. Looked just fine too.


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                        Old_OX_Eagle83 writes:

                        Eagle 92, James Wests policy was superceeded by a new policy in 1972

                        The new policy was to drop the Uniform as a "Method of Scouting" in 1972, no doubt just to twist the knife in Bill Hillcourt's back after destroying his highly successful program of Scoutcraft, The Patrol Method, and Wood Badge.

                        Turning the neckerchief into a dress designer's under-the-collar fashion accessory was Oscar de la Renta's 1980 contribution to the downward spiral.

                        It was James West who introduced the Patrol Method on September 21, 1923.

                        A History of the Methods of Scouting:


                        Yours at 300 feet,



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                          1) The Troop must decide/agree to wear a BIG necker, an ORIGINAL size, 30" on the side necker, not the teeny ODLR style pretty necker. Can be square, or triangular, but BIG.
                          2) Wear it OVER, as the big type really doesn't fit under.
                          3) Make some slides, woggles,soggles... take pride in your craftsmanship. Make all the Patrols' have the same type for their Patrol.
                          4) Read thru "101 uses for the neckerchief":
                 and Get Busy.


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                            Don't you mean 35-36"? I think the 30" neckers are the ODL ones that are useless.

                            An aside. If you do have a properly sized necker, and you do get it autographed by a scouting legend, say Green Bar Bill, DO NOT WEAR THAT NECKER ANYMORE, AND SURELY DO NOT USE IT FOR FIRST AID!!!!!! Trust me on that one


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                              36" even better. The shorty ones in my home Troop are about 24" on a side. I think the boy can grow into them, better than an adult look out of proportion in one.

                              Once a year, at a CoH, as an ASM in the Troop, I have a display of the woggles I have made/collected, and some of the neckerchiefs I have collected. Then, at a later CoH, I sponsor a woggle/slide making contest. I speak about the history and purpose of the neckerchief (both practical and symbolic). I display the necker I wore as a Scout, in the same Troop, and compare it with the one they wear now. I ask them if they see any difference between the one they wear now (it's blue and white) and my old one (it is red). Always, a younger Scout will say "yours is ALOT bigger", not mentioning the color first. I think, perhaps, the Troop will consider a change to a larger, more useful necker.


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                                Yep there are literally 100s of uses for a properly sized necker. I have used my old troop's necker in a first aid situation, and while everything turned out OK for the injured party, I did cry when my necker was returned to me with GBB's signature gone.