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Velcro For POR Patches

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    "One scouter while I was talking to him to me to wait a second he needed to change roles. Ripped off his Cubmaster patch and put on a Den Leader patch. Stupid if you ask me. was he trying to be funny, don't know, but I was really put off by it."
    I've done things like that before in jobs other than Scouting. Sometimes you literally wear two hats and just to emphasize that I am moving over to the "other position", I'll literally put my other hat on.

    Anyway, this sounds like a great idea. I think National should roll this out immediately, based on the testimonials in this thread. Of course, it also lets boys know that they "could" be wearing a patch there. As such, I fully expect to see things like Boys shirts and Adults shirts (same sized). The Boys shirts would have a velcro spot for a patrol patch, a velcro spot for a Quality Unit patch, a velcro spot for a rank patch, and of course a velcro Position of Responsibility arm patch. The adult shirt would have a velcro Position of Responsibility arm patch and a velcro spot for a Trained patch. The adult version wouldn't have patrol or rank spots, but it would have a Quality Unit spot.

    Then people would be asking, "Hey, what's supposed to go here?" With the knowledge that something "can" go there, they'll be more motivated to do everything they're supposed to do so that something "should" go there, in my opinion.


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      I have two sons in scouts and started making pre-cut velcro patches for them and now I sell them on ebay. They are tan (to match the Boy Scout shirt). I currently stock Office, Rank, Patrol and Council patch velcro. I have cut some custom ones (Troop Numbers) and if there is enough demand for them, I'll add them to my inventory.

      We've found them to be very useful, especially since my eldest son has been flying through his ranks (saves me sewing on that pocket on his shirt), and he was a Patrol Leader as well as Troop Librarian at the same time, so he could swap patches when he was performing each role separately.

      Some folks who have purchased patches from me have mentioned it is useful for switching between long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts as well.

      Here is a link to the page if anyone is interested. d=p3984.m1555.l2649



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        Does anyone use the kits from this website?

        They look interesting...



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          No but this is basically what I did myself, buy the velcro and cut it to size. Their shipping is $5.50 per order, I bought enough velcro to do 3 patches from the place I mentioned in the original post for $5.60 shipping included.

          Out troop been doing this for a year now but we only use this for Position Of Responsibility patches (SPL, Quartermaster etc.), not rank, merit badge or unit numbers. Essentially we recycle the POR patches which saves money, Scouts are not wearing POR patches past their term and they get to wear the patch on election night.

          Works for us.