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Sea Scout Uniforms

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  • Sea Scout Uniforms

    There isnt alot of information about this on the net. and the Sea Scout Website dosnt really provide much information. but what is the standard uniform for sea scouts in sea scout ships. any information would be appreceated. also if anyone has any links. it would be more than helpful.

    thanks alot.

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    A fellow Sea Scouter! I don't know if you were in the program as a youth, but htere have been some major changes in the Sea Scout uniform, some affecting decades of tradition, i.e. "bugs" on covers and unit numbers are just two of the examples. I have been told that the uniform changes came about because regional and national bosuns wanted the changes.

    Anyway, here is the best link to all the new uniform regs

    if you join's seascoutnet, there is a gentleman with some officer uniforms for sale as a ship fundraiser. I bought a bunch of stuff from him and am in the process of getting it altered, or gewtting back in shape as the case may be Look under Archives and June 2010 for his info.


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      Well i am not currently nor was i ever involved in the sea scouts. i thought about it for a while but never actually did it. but i am thinking about starting up a ship in a couple of years and am just trying to get some background information.


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        Ships, like all Venturing units, can create their own uniforms. That's a continuation from the Exploring days. So a ship can create their own uniform. I've seen ships wearing only polos, ships wearing modified USCG uniforms,etc. I've also seen photos of very well established ships continuing some of the traditions that the new national sea scout uniforms no longer allow, i.e. bugs on covers and unit numbers.

        The uniform link I sent is THE national uniform. If you attend any regional or national events, i.e. Sea Badge, NSJ, WSJ, Koch Cup, etc, Sea Scouts and leaders MUST be in one of those uniforms, usually the dress whites. Thankfully NCAC siad that ships could wear their ship's uniform in the parade next week, so I am wearing my old ship's "blue-white dress"


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          In referecne to starting up a ship, the very best of luck. Ships are some of the most expensive things to keep going. BUT ships are the best program in scouting IMHO.


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            Try to source many uniform parts.

            I was able to get set-up with all the leader insignia from my local Scout Shop.

            We are going to go with Khaki Leader uniforms, so we will be using "dickies" brand shirts and pants.

            I still am confused, though, by reading page 111 in the Sea Scout Manual: It says the "Adult Work Uniform" shal consist of... and then it says "The officer signifies his or her office by wearing a silver metal insignia on each collar. The exact position of the badge of office is noted below."

            I could only find the "universal anchor" pin at the scout store (a national store,) and no "position-specific" pins.(This message has been edited by ctbailey)


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              ctbailey, on the site, select the "Patches and Recognition" link. Go just almost to the bottom (just above the name tags) and you will see "Collar Marks (pins) - for wear on adult khaki uniform."

              These are the Sea Scout adult position pins. One star represents a unit level scouter (Skipper also has a bar, Mates only a star), two stars is for Council level, and three for regional.

              I do not like the Dickies. I started with a pair of them a few years ago, but the color has a hint of green, which really turns me off. I went with the official USN CBDs (polyester) which are much more "formal." I have not had an occasion to wear my whites since my last Seabadge, almost 2 years ago.


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                it appears that national is getting rid of a bunch of their Sea Scout insignia, or as it is still labeled "Sea Explorer" I ordered some stuff from national, specifically the cover buttons, only to find out their are the wire, not the screw type. Also discovered that national has a bunch of SS stuff on clearance, including those buttons, so I cannot return them.

                As for Ship's Stores, THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!! (yes I'm shouting as they are that good!) The only problem I've had with them is that they are on the west coast and shipping can cost as much as an order for me.