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Embroidered Names Tags with Fleur de Lis

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    I found a place online. they didn't have it as a stock offering, but I described what I wanted and they quoted a cheap price......tald me they'd have to use a generic fleur though, afraid of trademark issues....
    well, I order a couple. they came in huge, the size of the military stuff. The fleur looks ok, well not really. Way to pointy so not really a close match. Very disappointed but at least I'm not out much money!

    If I were in the market for a machine, I'd look into one with embroidery capability for just this reason.

    I know there are places all over town that could do it. I just don't want to, or have time to, drive all over town. Just surprised that this isn't more of an interest for folks.

    Oh, well..... guess I'll stick with my pin on one..... hasn't been too much of an issue so far.....