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    I was just over at looking for some knots for a Venturing uniform and to my surprise no knots, except a Girl Scout Gold Award knot, are available.

    "BSA has asked me to stop using BSA logos so I have taken down this web page. My objective was to make Venturing just a little nicer by providing quality Venturing colored knots and patches."

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    I spoke to him about this a few weeks ago, and like you, I was very disappointed with this developement. Email Craig, if you like, he may have some additional information for you.


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      Fellow Scouters and Venturers,


      SageVenture, aka Craig Murray, is a knowledgeable Scouter/Venturer, and he offered some Forest Green patches that National Supply has been dragging their feet on for a while. As SageVenture he post and reads this forum, as well as posting to a few other Venturing newsgroups. SageVenture is suppose to be teaching during Venturing week at Philmont this summer.

      After the cost of the patches, the profit was benefiting his local council Venturing program and crews, so he personally wasn't benefiting from the profits. I guess BSA asking him to cease, primarily had to deal with the recent royalties and BSA licensing.

      There is/was also a crew on the West Coast that was selling similar green knots. I havent seen their webpage in a while, but expect BSA has asked them to cease. Equally, Ships-Store, sells similar items with black and white backgrounds for Sea Scouts.

      I certainly hope that BSA National Supply Center purchased out his stock, when they asked him to cease. And also, I hope BSA begins to sell Venturing patches. But Id hate to see SageVenture take a loss, when he was providing a service to fellow Venturers.

      Scouting Forever and Venture On!
      Crew21 Adv


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        Fellow Venturers,

        I do not know if BSA National Supply Center has asked Crew 697 to cease selling patches. So grab them while you can, before BSA brings a halt to their unit fund raising sells.

        In addition to patches on Venturing Green, they also carry, patches on White, Black and Khaki backgrounds for Sea Scouts.

        Scouting Forever and Venture On!
        Crew21 Adv


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          I just got back a uniform that I had someone sew new patches on for me and the dark green patches look so much sharper then the kahki ones did. I have the Eagle, AOL and Leader Training (this one wasn't suppose to put onto my uniform quite yet, 1 requirerment shy) Knots and they really compliment my youth religous, Venturing Silver, and Venturing Leadership Award knots (BSA stock knots). I would just like to thank SageVenture for the high quality and hard work that he has put forward into "corecting" the things that nationals have neglected to work on.


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            I want to thank everyone for the very nice comments.
            After a busy summer, I am again at home. I do have many of the knots and Venturing patches still available. Please contact me if you are interested. I will sell what I have but will not be having more made.

            All the best,


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              Ships Stores from what I understand has permission to make the items they make but i could be wrong. Maybe its such a small market BSA does not care?


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                I doubt that BSA authorizes anyone to change the design of a knot or badge or medal or whatever and sell it.


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                  > I doubt that BSA authorizes anyone to change the design of a knot or badge or medal or whatever and sell it.

                  The more I read this forum the more disgusted with BSA I become. Is there anyone in Irving, TX that can pass an IQ test?


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                    Crew21: your link is not valid.


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                      Crew's post is over 3 years old.