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  • Webelos Patch Placement

    Hi All,

    I have a Webelo I son, that insists that every patch he wears be on his uniform! He is currently wearing the Khaki shirt and has the Outdoor Activity award on the flap of the right pocket.

    Can he also put a patch on the lower part of the right pocket in the temporary location?

    He also wants to wear his Compass point emblem on the button as well!

    To me it is a bit much... 3 patches in a very small space with one overlapping...

    Is the Compass point emblem from the button considered to take up the spot for the temporary patch??

    I suggested a patch vest, but, no one in the pack has one and he wasn't interested.

    I guess I shouldn't complain, I have boys in my den that have earned awards and ranks, and they are NEVER sewn on the uniform. I even volunteered to help/show the boys how...


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    Your Webelos Scout may wear a temporary patch sewn on the right pocket AND his compass emblem from his right pocket button - just as Wolf and Bear may wear a temp patch along with the progress towards rank beads.


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      Let's try this crashed on my first attempt at responding (chuckle).

      gwd-scouter has answered your question on placement. There are also reference guides for the placement of the badges in the inside covers of your son's scout book.

      As to not wanting a scout vest 'cause no one else has one, that's not the best excuse. Someone has to set the trend. Or maybe he should consider a camp blanket if he's planning on sticking to scouting through Boy Scouts and beyond.

      Yes, I'm a little biased on this:

      I display these at various pack/troop/district events in my area. The photo only shows two of the three I had when that shot was taken 5 years ago. I'm working on blanket number 5. One of the five is wearable.

      Wearable? Yes. In many other countries, the scouts wear their patch blankets, which they call "Camp Blankets". Scroll to the bottom of the following link for some sample blankets from other countries (the Canadian one shown has a hood):

      As you can see, there are no real rules to a camp blanket--each one is unique to its owner.

      For some simple patterns (as simple as cutting a hole in the center of a blanket), try:

      I used the simple pattern from the first website for my forth blanket. Hem/reinforce the opening you cut and you should be good to go. I'm sorry I don't have any pics--lots of folks get pictures of my collection, but I rarely get copies (chuckle).

      Maybe this would inspire your son to be the 'cutting edge' in his pack.


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        Thank you for sharing the blanket ideas.