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  • Merit Badge Placement

    I've a unique and pleasant situation that I need help with ... the case of the classic overachiever.

    I have a scout that loves merit badges and works on them constantly. Over the years he's earned 45 of those wonderful little discs. As he has them placed on his sash they are 3 across and 14 full rows down. At the bottom where the hip seam is there are 2, then 1 at the very bottom. The front of the sash is full from shoulder to point.

    He went to summer camp this year and earned two more.

    Where do they go and how are they placed.

    Does he sew them on (yes, he does this himself) going down the back from the shoulder? If he does so, then they'll be upside down. If he turns them over so they are right side up, then they'll face the opposite of all the others when the sash is layed flat.

    Anyone run into this situation before???


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    He can do 6 on the sleeve of a long-sleeve scout shirt.

    Does he have the longest sash they make?

    I remember one scout that had 50+ merit badges. He made his own extra long sash for all to fit on the front.


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      I saw a scout recently that must have had 60 or so Merit Badges. When he filled up the front, he just started putting them on the back. He started the same way, just down from the shoulder, three across. It looked fine to me (darn impressive, actually).


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        Thanks for the follow-up.

        He does have the shorter sash, which fits him well. One might say he's 'vertically challenged' .. I suspect the longer would go from shoulder to knee.

        Going down the back side from the shoulder down would seem most appropariate, but if he wants to put his sash in a display case later, then those may have to be re-sewn to turn them over.

        Wish everyone had this problem, right??



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          Sew them on the back starting at the top. My son was blessed with this predicament too as he earned 100 total. Darn near filled up both sides of his sash. PS Once you've got over 6 merit badges you can't sew them on the sleeve of your shirt any more, they all have to go on a sash. Take care


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            For what it's worth, have you looked at the Jamboree pictures on their web site? They pointed out a Scout who has earned 85 merit badges and his goal is to earn ALL that is offered by the time he reaches 18. He doesn't care if they just come out with a new badge or not, he wants them all. Impressive sash to say the least.


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              If he fills up the whole sash, when you want to display them later, I would rip out the shoulder seam and lay in out like a V.

              He sounds pretty motivated! Great for him, and you!


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