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  • Is your SPL more like a ...

    PL of PLs: takes cue from SM, mainly directs the leadership core of the troop. E.g., he will fill out a duty roster with patrol names, put it someplace central, make sure PLs get it done. Gets on them pretty quickly when something isn't happening as expected.

    Mini SM: gets to know each of the boys. Works with them as individuals. E.g., he will fill out a duty roster, and announce it to the entire troop at morning flag. Expects boys to work as a collective. Sees patrols as merely convenient groupings.

    Mini Advisor: trains the PLs but otherwise hands off. E.g., he'll hold a leadership cracker barrel, put a blank duty roster on the table and ask the PLs to sort out who would do what when. He might help the PL with a "tough case", but otherwise will make some suggestions on how to handle things and leave it up to the Patrol to figure out the best course.

    Those are the three I can think of. Just thought it would be neat to compare notes. What makes yours one way or the other. Is age, character, troop size, or troop culture your driving factor? If a boy is very much one type, how much effort do you put into helping him change?

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    We've had all three from time to time. I personally was a Mini SM when I was an SPL....

    Most often we have the "Pl of PLs" as you described. I this has mostly to do with Troop Culture. Our (A)SM's work hard to help guide our (A)Spls' through the leadership process.


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      Depends upon the Boy.
      Would like to say there's a one size fits all solution (and there is) but that doesn't fit developing the boy, rather it fits jamming the boy into a Leadership box.

      Like the descriptions qwazse gave though...


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        I concur with Sentinel and Gunny.

        It's a blend of troop culture, and the SPL's personal strengths and leadership style.

        When I was SPL, a long time ago, I was the PL of PL type.


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          I like the question. I don't agree that there's a 'one size fits all' though. This depends not only on the Scout, but also on the person who enables him (or not).


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            I'm having a hard time remembering my SPL days, but I think I was "Mini SM" by virtue of the pleasure I got helping younger scouts. I wasn't about to be bothered by an organizational chart that put some PLs between me and the rest of the troop. I also loved to hear myself talk, so pontificating in front of the entire troop would have suited me.

            I've seen all three among the SPLs in our troop. I don't think I favor any one style. But I think if we can put some categories out there - ones that boys know about from having a few years of scouting under their belt, we might be better able to help a boy reflect on his own leadership style.