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How to merge two troops

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    Originally posted by The Blancmange View Post
    It seems like more than semantics to me, suggesting a focus on the adult leaders rather than the scouts. I don't see why that is a "BS" point to discuss.
    I don't mean to come on too strong. I just don't see Bob's word choice indicative of a tyrant. They're a bit "mavericky." But not by much. I think a strong CC/COR supports the needs of the SM, not the other way around. I'm suggesting a little "My House My Rules" is a good thing ... better than a slew of new adults pushing a guy's buttons while he tries to fake a smile. Obviously, that only goes so far, and bending a little here and there is a good idea.

    So let's not squelch discussion on the "attitude adjustment" an SM may need for a merger. But, let's add detail to what that attitude should be.


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      The thread has derailed a bit. For the record. I split off from my sons first troop when they did not follow the BSA program. Their was no direction. All of the adults wanted to backseat drive, but wouldn't take the lead. I was dealing with a lot of baggage that I had no control over. The last straw was when the CC, COR, and EO told me that the troop should not camp every month or meet over the summer. So I created the new troop. 5 families formed the troop with me. We formed our own nonprofit corporation. My wife is the president with two other directors. I wrote the bylaws for the corporation and the troop. The 2 ASM's and I set the tone and direction of the troop. I have a full committee who supports the troop. When new parents come in we explain our methods and vision. We do make changed when needed but not without a lot of thought and only if it is for the betterment of the program. The troop is boy run and adult led. We even host a webelos camp every year with our feeder packs. When and if we form a venture group, it will be venture run and venture led. So when I say it's my troop and I direct the troop that is the reality of the situation. I am not tyrannical, but I don't take parent bs either. The troop follows the patrol method and the BSA program. That being said the troop went from 6 - 9 -18 scouts in one year. If we merge we will be at 26. The topic I started was for you folks who have experience, what works or does not in mergers. You'll have provided a lot of good info. Some of the things I would not have thought of. Thanks