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Venture Crews at summer camp

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    I'm not looking for an answer, just trying to understand where your thought process are coming from. We disagree, nothing more. I think there is absolutely a place and time for separating the genders. I don't hang with my wife and her girlfriends when they go out. My buddies wives don't attend our Boy's Nights Out. We all need that time apart. I think it's socially healthy. I'm not convinced that a full homogenizing of society is the right answer.


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      We do disagree, and that's good. Disagreement can produce discussion the leads to an examination of not only our positions on issues, but the viability of the logic behind the positions, and bring to light variables we may not have thought of.

      Structured group activities, designed to educate and/or cause personal development, are distinguishable from voluntary social interaction. In short, co-ed school, sport, or scout programs, in no way parallel a girls, or guys, night out.


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        That should make football really interesting. Linewomen. Olympics sure would be boring.


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          There're people in each gender of varied physical and metal abilities. I've met a few ladies that would make good linebackers, and many that would make fantastic quarterbacks. To each their on place, a place determined by skill, talent, and ability, not gender.