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Opinion on "1st year" programs ?

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    Internet stalker much?


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      "But we must remember that no Patrol exists for and by itself alone. It has another part to play aside from its important individual life. The Troop is the sum of its Patrols and every Patrol has its obligation towards, and its share in the larger life of the Troop. Your Patrol could never have the truest kind of Patrol Spirit unless it also had in a very active way genuine Troop spirit, pride in the Troop as a whole, eagerness to help the Troop make a good showing in whatever it undertakes, devotion to Troop traditions, Troop ideas and especially to Troop Leaders." William Hillcourt, Handbook for Patrol Leaders (1929) at p. 65 (Italics as in original), in Chapter III, "THE PATROL AND THE TROOP."


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        Any objective reading of the writings of Baden Powell reveals that the man was continually reassessing and learning things about the fledgling scouting program and--yes--making changes along the way, sometimes quite substantive ones.


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          This has gotten somewhat off-topic, but I do want to give my feedback about the two first-year programs I've experienced.

          Last year, we went to Camp Rainey Mtn in N. Georgia Council. The boys really enjoyed it, but they didn't accomplish very much, requirements-wise. No Merit Badges were completed and just a handful of rank requirements. This year, we went to Camp Sequoyah in Alabama. The boys didn't seem to enjoy the program as much (they said it was more classroom and less hands-on), but they did accomplish a lot and also earned First Aid and Swimming Merit Badges. To be fair, Sequoyah's program was 8am-3pm, while Rainey Mountain's was based on their current rank (max of half-day if they weren't even Tenderfoot yet).


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            I would like to talk about Camp Tuscarora's first year program. My son did it and had a blast. Lots of work, but also lots of play too. Over 25+ hours of instruction, they went over a good bit of the T-2-1 requirements, but stated that it is ultimately up to the unit leaders to sign off on the work they did. They worked on First Aid MB (partial for all) and Swimming MB ( if a swimmer AND met all the requirements,otherwise a partial. My son BARELY got it, He finally did the dive from the dock on the last day) or Instructional Swim.

            They also did some extras. They spent some time on the rifle and shotgun ranges. And they did some snorkeling too. And they had a lot of adult support. The camp has a Leader's Merit Badge where if you do certain things, like helping out in activity areas, you get a disk to go with your leader's patch. Gave leader's an incentive to help out AND keep out of the way of their own scouts.