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Treasure Island (PA/NJ) Scout Reservation

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  • Treasure Island (PA/NJ) Scout Reservation

    I’m new to the Forum so please forgive me if this thread was begin somewhere else. I saw no entries for “Treasure Island” in the search menu.

    I attended summer camp at Treasure Island (“T.I.”) Scout Reservation in the mid-late 1980’s, and I participated in various Order of the Arrow activities during those summers. I was in attendance for the camp’s 75th anniversary in the summer of ’88 and we buried a time capsule near the totem poles at the entrance to the parade field which was to be opened on the camp’s 100th anniversary. TI’s 100th anniversary would have been THIS summer, 2013.

    Treasure Island was operated by the Philadelphia Council, BSA. This council no longer exists. I’ve learned from the web that T.I. was closed in 2009 or 2010 after recent floods finally took their toll on the camp. For those who may not know, T.I was unique for a number of reasons: it was the oldest or one of the oldest continuously operated scout camps in the country; the Order of the Arrow was started there in 1915; it truly was an island with access across the Delaware river by barge. There are some sites on the web for “Friends of Treasure Island” and similar groups which have not been updated for some time. I have to think that I’m not the only scout/scouter in the camp’s nearly 100 year history who is wondering what has or will become of “Dear old Treasure Isle”. Selfishly, I’d like to know if and when the time capsule will be opened and, if it already has, are its contents on display? I contributed one or two items to the time capsule and now that my own son is a scout, I’d like for him to see or experience T.I. as I did so many years ago.

    If anyone has any information, would you please post a comment? I always planned to get back to T.I. for its 100th anniversary or, at least, to celebrate its 100 years. Many thanks.

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    Google Treasure Island site(place colon here) if I type a colon and o, a emoticon face is displayed

    Here are some links from above search

    Hope this helps...
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      RememberSchiff, I wanted to thank you the links. From the links I was able to email some folks who may or may not have updated information regarding the status of Treasure Island. I spent far too many hours last night navigating the forums here and I am finding it a wonderful resource. A 'virtual roundtable' of sorts without all of the square knots! Ill be spending more time here. Thanks again!

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    I worked at TI for the 75th anniversary(and a few other summers) and was there for the time capsule burial. Efforts by FoTI to have a land conservancy group to help preserve the island for Scouts have not been successful to date. COL council has no desire to open the island again and it sits dormant. The forest is reclaiming much of it, looters have stripped much of the plumbing, and electrical fixtures. Most, if not all buildings are left open. If you are on Facebook, there is a Save Treasure Island page.


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      gsdad, I came away from TI that summer with a really nice red and white pamphlet celebrating TI's 75th anniversary. Nicely done with "then" and "now" photos from a number of places on the island. I hope you saved your copy- sounds like that may be all we'll have to remember the island.

      I find it shameful, disrespectfully, irreseponsible, irreverant that the COL council has permitted the camp to go to waste. I still tube the Delaware and I've wanted to explore the island on more than one occasion. Now that I hear of it's deplorable condition, I'll pass on a tour of its ruin.

      I hear good things of Okanickon and I'll get there sooner or later with my son who is now a Weblo1, but it will never be TI. I've been to the Facebook TI page- it, like some of the other links have gone dormant, like the camp itself. Do you know of any plans for Order of the Arrow 100 year activities at Treasure Island for 2015?

    • gsdad
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      I have the pamphlet, patches, neckercheif, and hat from that weekend.
      We share the same feelings on the subject, and I know of no plans for 2015.

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    Sounds like you could just go up there with a shovel for all COL cares. Probably might be the best course of action given the state of things.


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      05 November, 2013

      Treasure Island / Marshall Island update.
      Last year, the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority purchased the 131-acre Marshall Island from the Cradle of Liberty Council as a preserve for bald eagles. The port authority agreed to restrictions to protect the island's significant natural, scenic, wildlife, and recreational values, including an active bald eagle nest. Marshall Island is located within the federally designated Lower Delaware Wild and Scenic River corridor, contains documented prehistoric artifacts, and is part of a major migration path for birds. As the Cradle of Liberty Council had no intention to reopen the camp, the bald eagle preserve may be the best outcome for the island. Tinicum Township says the Port Authority is interested in granting the township an easement on the riverbank portion of the island. If an agreement is reached, it would ensure access to firefighters, EMTs and folks with tubes, kayaks and the like. The future of the Treasure Island portion of the reservation is still a mystery as council has no comment. It seems that if they ignore it, maybe it will go away.


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        Alan, where did you find find that? Troop 160? I have known a few of your members, and met some of the Venturers on staff at Hart over the summer.


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          I remember the campfrom my childhood as well . Great experience !. I would gladly volunteer time and I'm sure others would too to help restore the camp but it seems as if the interest has faded. Please contact me if plans are ever made , I would gladly recruit my troop and crew to get service hours and restore an important part of BSA history.